The Style of Transitional Interior Decoration

The style of transitional interior decoration makes many people choose it. Not only found as a home interior decoration style, transitional styles can also be applied to shelters, hotels and office lobbies. The reason some people choose it is because of its timeless nature. How not, the transitional decoration style is a blend of traditional and modern styles. Both have a nice quantity of touches in one room. In addition, neutral and calm colors make the occupants of the room feel comfortable and relaxed. Even if your house or place is in the middle of the city.
Not only that, this style is also neutral for all genders. The reason is, the feminine and macho elements are united in one room so that it is not always for women or men only.

The following Are Recommendations For Transitional Interior Decorations

Choice of Colors For Transitional Style Interior Decoration

Because it is neutral, the choice of color for this style of decoration is also neutral but still comfortable. You can choose and mix white, gray, blue, green, or brown. You can use these colors for the color of the paint palette or the color of the furniture that will later fill the room.These colors are expected to bring out warm tones in the room. As a result, anyone who enters the room will feel comfortable and at home.

Home furnishing materials Transitional Style Interior Decoration

Because this style combines two styles, the materials used also use the properties of two styles. You can use materials from light wood, mahogany, and wicker to represent the traditional style. While the material of glass and steel represents a modern or contemporary style.

Minimizing accessories for Transitional Style Interior Decoration

Holding on to the principle of comfort and calm makes the room style not crowded with accessories. Choose accessories that are large but few. Displaying a lot of accessories will make the room full. While actually the appearance of the transitional style decoration is quiet, spacious and relaxed.
If you want to attach wall stickers or hanging plants, just stick or hang a small amount. That way it will not make the atmosphere of the room feel heavy.

By knowing the recommendations above, at least you will have an idea how to decorate a room in a transitional style. Whether you decorate the room yourself or you hire an interior decorator, the choice is yours. Because a beautiful room is a room that make the owner feel comfort everytime.