Joanna Gaines Interior Design That Full of Attractive

Joanna Gaines interior design hypnotizes interior decoration lovers. Since her appearance as a host on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, she and her husband, Chip Gaines have starred in the remodeling design show. They took a dilapidated house to be the material for the application of Joanna Gaines interior style into a dream home.

Who is Joanna Gaines?

Joanna Gaines is a designer, writer and reality TV personality who hosts HGTV’s Fixer Upper. She is called the queen of modern farmhouse style.
At first, she and her husband Chip Gaines remodeled a dilapidated house in Joanna’s hometown, Waco, Texas. Joanna handled all of the interior of the house, while Chip handled the final construction of their design partnership. Their collaboration was so eye-catching that HGTV offered them a TV show. Even to this day she and Chip have remodeled more than 100 houses into dream homes.
For those of you who want a good and attractive home interior style, there’s nothing wrong with trying Joanna Gaines’ attractive interior design style. Joanna plays details, shiplap, industrial pieces, neutral colors in her modern farm designs.

Here are 10 styles of Joanna Gaines Interior Design:

1. Joanna Gaines Interior Design: Start with The Details

According to Joanna and Chip, a house reflects its owner. You can focus on items, furniture or typical furniture that you like. For example, sofas, cupboards, hanging decks or plants. Starting from the smallest details will penetrate to other equipment.
The house is synonymous with the privacy of the owner, therefore make your home as intimate as possible through the details you like. Of course, not all designers will do this, however, finding your favorite details will make it easier for you to find the right design for your home.

2. Joanna Gaines Interior Design : Industrial Cut

Modern farming style introduces you to the the yellow color of rice or corn. However, not all yellow is a color that is synonymous with countryside. Joanna changed the country mindset by combining it with an aesthetically pleasing yellow light color with darker metal hardware.
Yes, this lighting device will reveal industrial pieces in Joanna’s interior design. Looks semi-industrial but still does not eliminate the impression of agriculture. You can display this lighting device in the dining room or living room area. In addition to function as a light, the lamp is also a house.

3. Joanna Gaines Interior Design : Have Neutral Colors

White and cream are the main colors for Joanna Gaines in creating the impression of modern farmhouse. However, choosing neutral is not just any neutral. Joanna revealed that the neutral color she chose was a clean neutral color. Later the interior of the house will look warm and elegant.

4. Joanna Gaines Interior Design: Antiques That Are No Less Interesting

Antiques become interesting decorations in your home. Some antiques have their own character in a room. Its rustic style makes antiques often associated with agriculture.
In the antiques are also stored historical stories. You can put antiques around the living room and family room.

5. Joanna Gaines Interior Design : Book Decoration

Joanna chose a book as one of the decorations. Books are a cheap but not cheap option as an element of designing home interiors.
You can play with colors on these books. Because you need a lot of books, buying books at flea markets can be an additional solution if you have a limited book collection.
Stacking books or arranging them on shelves is your choice in interior design using books. Neutral color books will help you blend book colors with paint and furniture palettes. You don’t need a lot of ways, choose your favorite book and put it at the front or a place that is easy for you to find. Apart from being a decoration and display, books can also help relieve your fatigue, right?

6. Joanna Gaines Interior Design: Have a Chandelier

Unlike the yellow light fixture, you also need to have an attractive chandelier. The chandelier displays a traditional impression.
Not inferior to the yellow light, the chandelier material is also the main attraction. Made of wrought iron, the pendant light fixture gives the impression of a clean farm-style home. While the glass of the lamp gives a unique effect. Because chandeliers have a variety of shapes and styles, you can match your chandelier to your liking.

7. Joanna Gaines Interior Design: Let Style Do The Talking For You

Joanna seemed not in a hurry in designing an interior room. It says let style do the talking for you. That is, you need to leave your room empty and just wait, which ideas pass and are suitable for your room.
The presence of sofas, tables and cupboards of course. They are the main item. However, for the design of the paint palette color, the color of the furniture and other decorations you can get after a while after you look at the room every time. By itself, you will find the right interior design.

8. Joanna Gaines Interior Design : Shiplap Style

This shiplap idea is identical to Joanna Gaines and her husband. Shiplap is a technique of horizontally shaped wooden slabs that overlap each other. This shiplap style is well known in the old farmhouse style.
The advantage if your house is designed with shiplap in the style of Joanna Gines is that it is waterproof and protected from moss. Shiplao style itself comes from the atmosphere of the walls and ceiling of the ship.

9. Joanna Gaines Interior Design : Area Rug

Your home will be more colorful with an area rug. This area rug has a size that is not too wide, but covers a certain area. For example, you use this area rug as a base for your bunk bed or a table mat in the living room.
The choice of area carpet color tends to be neutral if you have adhered to the modern agricultural style from the start. However, for the style or model of the motif, you can adjust it to the style you like. You can choose from industrial style, boho style, modern style, to rustic.

How? Knowing Joanna Gaines’ interior design has made you have a suitable interior design idea. Most notably, Joanna Gaines introduces a modern farming style, but on the other hand always focuses on you, your will and your privacy. That way you will feel comfortable in your own home.