Minimalist Home Exterior Design You Should Try

In addition to the interior of the house, you also need to pay attention to the exterior of the house. Guests or people who pass in front of your house certainly see the outside of the house. With a minimalist home exterior design, at least you don’t need to be confused to beautify the outside of your home.
Remember, sometimes you can judge another person’s personality by looking at the exterior of their house. Minimalist house exterior designs are mostly adopted from homes abroad.

If you want to try, let’s take a peek at what minimalist home exterior designs are:

1. Minimalist Home Exterior Design in White Shades

The white color represents minimalism. In addition, the white color gives an elegant impression on the outside of your home. Your home looks more relaxed and calm. To support this white color, you can add large windows that can be seen outside on your windows.

2. Corner Glass For Minimalist House Exterior Design

This design features glass in the corner of the front room of the house, medium in size and gives a little leak of the interior design of the house. Most minimalist homes use this corner glass to add to the aesthetic feel of the house.

3. Minimalist Home Exterior Design in Japandi


If you know a Japandi style house, from design to decoration, everything is minimalist and functional. There’s nothing wrong with trying this Japandi style house exterior design. To make it happen you need to make a wooden fence in front of your house and plant plants around it. Plus a sliding wooden door in front of your house.

4. Minimalist Garden House Exterior Design

The garden in front of your house gives a natural and fresh impression. In addition to beautify the exterior of your home, the garden also shows a balance between building houses and plants. On the other hand, you can grow plants freely in your home or also make a mini fish pond nearby.

5. Relaxing Terrace Minimalist Home Exterior Design

The exterior area of ​​the house can be your land to express your thoughts or just breathe from the hustle and bustle of life. Fresh air, a comfortable place to chat, of course you need to get. Yes, the terrace of the house is the answer.
Design your home terrace with things that are interesting and make you comfortable. For example, you put a recliner or a sofa on the terrace of your house for you to relax in the morning or evening.

6. Minimalist Home Exterior Design Green Plants

Several houses have tried it, now it’s your turn. Fill the outer walls of your house with green leaves. These leaves is attached to the wall of your front house so that people who see it will always be fresh.

7. Large Glass Minimalist House Exterior Design

Playing with a large glass size can be an option that doesn’t require a lot of ideas. You simply install a large glass for the front of your house. Indirectly, this large glass will also add to the aesthetic feel of your home from the outside.

Minimalist home exterior design is the right target when you are confused about which design to choose. Of course, before designing a minimalist home exterior, you also need to adjust to the land area, your needs and the budget you currently have.