Minimalist Garden Ideas on the Balcony

Minimalist Garden Ideas on the Balcony

Gardening activities or gardening have started to become popular again since the pandemic. The reason is, the appearance of a house full of beautiful plants will make the atmosphere of the house fresh and more comfortable to live in. However, not everyone has a large area to create a garden or garden at home. The solution, you can take advantage …

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Why you Need a Professional and Secure Garden Office

Secure Garden Office

Garden offices have been specifically written offices set up in a person’s garden. It provides a really accessible work ambience for people who wish to work from home. With your home usually a stone’s chuck divided we get to knowledge a same joy as operative from home though a common distractions. New mothers, a chairman pang from disability, a chairman …

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How to Grow Hydroponics for Beginners

Hydroponics for Beginners

How to grow hydroponics is actually not difficult. You can even use used mineral water bottles to make hydroponic devices at home. Hydroponic cultivation of plants is now very popular. Although it is widely known, not everyone understands how to grow hydroponics. Though the cultivation of plants with this system is not difficult. You can even use simple tools and …

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Nabire Papua, Has a Beautiful 7-Story Waterfall

Nabire Papua

Nabire is a district in the province of Papua, Indonesia, which borders the province of West Papua. The district capital is located on the back of the island of Irian, namely the Nabire district. The total population of Nabire in 2021 is recorded at 172,960 people. Nabire Regency is located in the Cendrawasih Bay area of ​​Papua Province and the …

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Bener Meriah, the World Recognized Gayo Arabica Coffee Producer


Bener Meriah is a district in Aceh, Indonesia, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Home Affairs on January 7, 2004. This district is the result of the division of Central Aceh District based on Law no. 41 of 2003 dated 18 December 2003 concerning the Establishment of Bener Meriah Regency in Aceh Province. Bener Meriah Regency, whose capital city …

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How To Take Pets Pictures To Look Aesthetic

How to take animal pictures

Both Twitter and big idiots uploaded unscrupulous photos and burned up. The disposition that caused the closing of the store and the problem of compensation, and was also ridiculed as a bacter. However, Twitter is a very interesting source of information that impresses me. There are many, and it makes me feel that it is the sense of the user. …

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What I Think Has Changed From The Past

What I think has changed from the past

“Is it possible to get to retirement?” This is a hot topic recently with my colleagues. It has been several decades since I started working at a company. This is the third time I have been working for many years. (Your age will be different.) It’s been a long time since women’s social advancement was avoided, That wasn’t the case …

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How To Buy Delicious Crab And How To Cook

How to buy delicious crab

Actually, I have a friend who decides to eat crab every New Year. I was very surprised because I didn’t have a habit of eating crabs at my house. But when I listen to the story, eating crabs on New Year’s Day is very major in Japan! The crab mail order was recommended by the friend because he absolutely liked …

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First Solo Trip, 10 Tips Solo Traveling

First solo trip

It’s a day trip to Kyoto, but I went on a solo trip. This is my first time traveling alone. I heard that it is the cheapest to go by night bus, so I bought a ticket and boarded the bus. I will arrive at Kyoto around 6 am by bus around 11 pm. I bought it before going to …

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Morning Glory and Sunflowers That Do Not Bloom


After my child’s summer vacation started, I suddenly thought about it and started gardening on the balcony. For gardening after a long absence, despite the fact that the time is quite late I was so excited that I started from seeds. About a week after sowing, the buds came out safely. The kids were really happy and went out to …

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