7 Types of Decorating Styles You Must Know

Having the desired decoration for a house, apartment, hotel or room is everyone’s dream. In today’s era, to find out the type of room decoration style is not difficult. After all, from year to year, the types of decorating styles are always evolving and have different types.
If you want to change the decor of your home or room and don’t have an idea yet, don’t hesitate to consult an expert. An interior decorator will help you choose colors, furniture, furniture to wall decorations for your home decor. However, if you don’t want to hire an interior decorator, you can change it yourself by knowing the types of decorating styles below.

Here are 7 suggestions for decorating styles to make your dreams come true:

1. Types of Transitional Decoration Style


The transitional decoration style is a combination of a rigid traditional style with a classic modern style. This combination is the most sought after style because of its timeless nature. The transitional style is also neutral for all genders. The reason is, feminine and macho elements unite in one room so it is not always for women or men only.
To display a transitional decor style, you can color your room with a neutral color. Accents that are large but have a minimum amount help you convey a warm feel.

2. Types of Hampton Dekorasi Decorating Style


Hamptons style decor is an option for aesthetic lovers. The reason is, this one decoration displays a classic beach picture that makes us always feel like we are on vacation.
Hamptons style decoration has its own characteristics and elements so that it displays a classic, luxurious and comfortable home appearance. By having this Hamptons-style decor, homeowners will feel the sensation of a classic beach every day.
For the sake of realizing a Hampton-style decor, you can choose materials for home furnishings from light wood, finely woven linen, wicker furniture and rattan furniture. That way, it will indirectly form an elegant decoration without adding many more ornaments. In addition, choose neutral colors that carry a classic beach feel, such as white, gray, light green, or light brown.

3. Types of Japandi Decoration Style

If you want a minimalist, simple but elegant style of decoration, the Japandi decoration style is the answer. This decorating style brings a Japanese feel to your home or apartment.
The shape of the sliding door, fine wooden ornaments, sitting on the floor and mini plant decorations are the hallmarks of Japandi decoration. Sitting on the floor will make the room look more spacious.

4. Types of Traditional Decoration Style

The traditional style of decoration has been known since the 18th and 19th centuries. This decoration features traditional art that cannot be separated from dark wood. Even the color carried in this decoration style is also brown. Patterns and styles that you can use to create traditional decorating styles are florals, stripes and squares. Don’t forget to add a crystal chandelier beside the bed to add a traditional feel.

5. Types of Modern Decoration Style

After the traditional decoration style, in the 20th century came the modern type of decoration style. This style escapes the impression of rigidity. The minimalist and bold model is the reason interior designers for today’s homes or duplex homes choose it.
The hallmark of modern decor style furniture is clean, smooth and smooth lines. Materials from metal and glass are the choices to realize this type of decoration style. In addition, because it is bold, the colors that are carried can be varied, not just one color.

6. Types of Minimalist Decoration Style

This type of decoration style is almost similar to the characteristic of the Japandi style which does not need a lot of furniture. Even this style has a functional nature, meaning that one piece of furniture may have more than one function. For example, you can put a convertible sofa bed in your living room. This sofa serves as a seat and has a mattress that you can pull out at the bottom. That way, when there are guests who want to lay down, they don’t have to walk far to move to the room.

7. Types of Shabby Chic Decoration Styles


Appear more feminine, this type of decoration style Shabby Chic displays colors that are full of pressure. Vintage furniture is the center of this style. By applying this style, your house or apartment will convey an elegant and comfortable impression.

Well, those are 7 types of decorating styles that you can create in your home or apartment. Previously, make sure you understand the 7 principles of architectural design, namely balance, rhythm, point of interest, scale, proportion, composition and unity.