Epoxy Floor Design to Create Your Aesthetic House

In addition to discuss the interior of your home with all kinds of decorations, you should not forget about the floor of your house. It’s not really noticed by many people but the details are very visible. Is the ceramic in your house often dusty? Well, if you want a clean and dust-free floor, you can try choosing an epoxy floor design for your home.

Epoxy flooring is actually very familiar in the industrial world. The reason is, to get a building permit with high quality standards from the government, an industrial building is required to install epoxy floors which are also widely used in homes.

At first glance, the floor that is given an epoxy floor coating will look more shiny and clean without dust. You can imagine if these two conditions exist in your home.

So, are you interested in epoxy flooring? If you can be indecisive, you can listen to the advantages and disadvantages of installing an epoxy floor design at home below:

Advantages of Installing Epoxy Floors in the House:

1. By using an epoxy floor, the floor of your house will be more protected from the friction of even heavy objects
2. Non-slip, the design of the epoxy floor helps you not to slip easily when the floor is wet
3. Having decorative properties, installing an epoxy floor makes your floor look more attractive and aesthetic. As a result, your floor will no longer be boring

Disadvantages of Installing Epoxy Floors in the House:

1. Having a hard texture, epoxy floors can be noisy when you walk on them.
2. Because it contains hazardous materials, applying epoxy floors should not be careless. Especially if the steam is inhaled by your nose
3. Epoxy floor designs are not recommended for children’s rooms because the hard surface results in harm to children when they fall on the floor.

Various Epoxy Floor Design Recommendations for Your Home:

1. Colorful Epoxy Floor

Like spilled ice cream, this colorful epoxy floor design is the first recommendation for your home floor. Looks feminine, pink, red or white in this design you can apply to your teenage daughter’s room area. Of course, the refreshing color design will add to your child’s mood every day.

Not only suitable for the floor of the house, but this design is also suitable for the floor design of an ice cream shop or a sweet snack shop. This will help create a pleasant atmosphere in the shop area.

2. Simple Epoxy Floor Design

Although the title is simple, the end result of this epoxy floor is still amazing. Having a metallic design with a squeegee pattern in two colors creates a classic and timeless impression. This simple epoxy floor design is ready to change the appearance of your kitchen or dining room so it is not monotonous.

3. 3D Epoxy Floor Design

If you have ever visited a vehicle where it seems as if there is a real object of water flowing on the floor area, then it is a 3D epoxy floor design. Now, you no longer need to go far to go to a wah to enjoy the view. Just make the scene in your home with the picture as you wish. a 3D epoxy floor design. Now, you no longer need to go far to go to a place to enjoy the view. Just make the scene in your home with the picture as you wish.

a. Waterlogged Room Design

You can feel the clear water at any time in your room by installing an epoxy floor on your bedroom floor. This atmosphere is definitely an atmosphere that is different from the others. In the others, you also can apply this design for your bathroom.

b. Ground Surface Design

As a lover of traditional or ancient interiors, a ground level epoxy floor design is perfect for you to apply on your living room floor. Later this design will be a guide to the flow on the main road of your house.

c. Sea Animals Design Looks Real

When you want to bring a giant aquarium into your home, this is the time for you to install an epoxy floor design that looks real. You no longer need to bother going to the giant aquarium rides after that. Just being at home, you and your family can feel the holidays with a row of sea animals. If you have toddlers, invite your children to get to know marine animals from an early age. However, don’t forget to always keep an eye on him because of course his body parts will feel sore when formed with an epoxy floor that has a hard surface.

4. Black Gray Metallic Epoxy Floor Design

Black and gray are neutral colors that are favored by many people. Plus the metallic style design that displays the nature of luxury and elegance. This design is suitable if you have a personal workspace in your home. It looks more serious but still emphasizes the classic style. Besides that, for those of you who like a dark atmosphere, you can collaborate on this floor design to complement the interior of your room.

5. Epoxy Floor White Design

Show your passion for cleanliness and white with this white epoxy floor design. Making the floor of the house very clean and free from dust, you will easily create an all-white and shiny house.

Of course, this design doesn’t need a lot of colors or patterns because only white is shown. This white design also benefits you because the floor will look clean clearly. This white design is suitable for you to apply in your living room, family room or bedroom.

Indeed, ceramics alone are enough to protect and be the center of attention on the floor of your house. However, if you have more money, there is nothing wrong if you apply an epoxy floor for your home. Think of this house epoxy as your investment in everyday life. Because, there are several designs that can make you feel on vacation every day. For example, the design of a giant aquarium or sea animals looks real. In addition, you can also get a feminine style in your private room to add to your mood.