Try Hillside House Design to Fresh Your Eyes and Brain

A house with a beautiful mountain view is certainly one of everyone’s dreams. You can imagine if you wake up, you are immediately presented with a breath of cool and beautiful atmosphere. Yes, if that is your wish, there is nothing wrong with realizing a hillside house design. Besides being fun, the design of this house is unique from other houses.

Strengths and weaknesses, of course will be exist. This will be your pros and cons in thinking about whether you want to realize a hillside house design or not. However, if there is enough money, why not?

The Advantages of Having a Hill Slope House Design:

a. Treats a view that nourishes the eye is certainly the main goal here. You, your family and friends can relax your eyes on the weekend after looking at the computer every day.
b. As an investment in the future. Yes, in today’s era, which is full of noise and vehicle noise, almost everyone wants peace. If you have the desire to sell your hillside house, it could be that many people are interested in it.

Weaknesses of Hill Slope House Design:

a. The first deficiency or weakness is of course in your funds. If you do not have enough funds to build a house on a hillside, you will find it difficult to make it happen. Because, it is not only the construction costs that you have to pay, but also the electricity and water costs for your daily life. After that, don’t forget about maintenance and gas costs if your real home is in town.

Hillside House Design Ideas:

1. Minimalist Hillside House

To have a hillside house design, you don’t actually need to provide a large area of ​​land. With moderate land, you can create a minimalist hillside house. Like the one in Indonesia, White Cliff, a house located in the province of West Java, features a house on a hillside.
Taking a minimalist concept, this house does not forget the function of each room. Indeed, sometimes for a house with a beautiful view, on a hillside in particular, it is usually not a residence but only a halfway house. As a result, the hillside house design will be made as comfortable as possible how you will relax on the weekend after a week of hard work.
You can imagine how minimalist this house is which stands on an area of ​​6.5 m x 25 m with a slope of 300 and a building area of ​​212 m2. Even so, this house is still unique and fun because it has several things that a minimalist home needs, including:

a. Two Entrance Access

If you want your minimalist hillside house to still look narrow, you can vary it by making two access entrances at the front. One door leads to the living room on the first floor, while the second door leads to the family room on the 2nd floor. You can directly share your guests, if you are the closest guest, you can immediately go up to the 2nd floor.

b. Decorate Your Home with Color Lamps

For the convenience of your hillside home, you can install lights in front or inside the house. You can turn on this house light from evening to night to color your house to avoid darkness. The presence of light gives the impression of life for your minimalist home. Especially the yellow color with a mini lamp size.

2. Relying on the Terracing Model

Do you still remember the terracing model that is often used by farmers in the highlands? Yes, the terracing model is suitable for you to apply in your hillside home design. As a result, if you successfully apply it, you can design a balcony on every floor of your house.

3. Hillside House Complete with Swimming Pool

If you are not a minimalist team and want a house like a luxury resort on a cliffside, adding a swimming pool can be an option. You can build a luxury cliffside house with 3 floors complete with a swimming pool on the first floor. To further refresh your eyes and mind, it would be nice if you faced the swimming pool on the mountains. As a result, in addition to swimming, you also enjoy the natural scenery of the mountain. By having a house like yours, you can bring your friends for a vacation at your house on the weekend.
Don’t forget to create an exciting swimming pool concept too. You can store the equipment for the barbeque party in the warehouse so you can hold a barbecue near the pool.

4. Hillside House with Big Glass Window

When you have a hillside house design, don’t forget to have large glass windows. Make sure your windows face the mountain so you can always enjoy the mountain view from inside your home. Especially if you place the large glass into a view in your living room. Without the need for you to install a picture of the mountains, you can even enjoy the original mountain scenery.

Indeed, having a hillside house design is very pleasant and coveted by many people. However, prepare sufficient funds to build and maintain daily. Furthermore, if you have more funds, you can make a swimming pool in your home and install a large glass.