Low Cost Simple Car Parking Shed Design for Home

When thinking about or having dreams of buying a car, of course you also have to be responsible for how to store it. If you have a lot of money, luxury car parking is not a problem. But apparently, people who own cars are not all rich people. For a simple lifestyle, your choice after buying a car is to design a low cost simple car parking for your home. However, with the times, car parking design no longer has to be luxurious, even function and efficiency must be prioritized.

Without a doubt, the presence of car parking is very necessary for you to store your car safely. It also protects your car from the sun’s heat, solar radiation, or bad weather. It could be that the car you buy is your dream for years. Do not let you waste it by neglecting the location of your car outside the house. Be careful, people who just pass by can make your car scratched accidentally. Even though it could be the fault of passersby, it would be nice if you were also careful by preparing a low cost simple car parking design. Anti-complicated and still safe of course.

As a sturdy and strong material, you just trust the hollow steel material. This material is commonly used for car parking construction, especially for low cost simple car parking. Prices vary from place to place, but at least you can save on replacing this material for a long time. Then, another advantage of this material is that it is rust-resistant and has higher strength.

Low Cost Simple Residential Car Parking

If you live in housing, you usually have space for a garden in front of your house. Sometimes it can be quite wide or it can be narrow. Lucky if you have a wide garden size. Of course, when you have a car, you need to divide the location of the park and car parking. Because you choose a simple car parking design, you can adjust it according to the number of cars and the size of the car you have.

Usually houses in housing maintain aesthetic value. In line with your desire to have a simple car parking, of course it also needs to look aesthetic. Choosing a neutral color or variant is also recommended so that you don’t have to worry about changing models when renovating your house.

Low Cost Simple Car Parking Umbrella

Have you ever been to the beach? Of course you also see umbrellas lining the beach for people to sunbathe. Well, you can adapt this umbrella concept as the first simple car parking design. It’s simple but still elegant. Make sure the length and width of this umbrella cover the entire car in front of your house. Choose a neutral color or a color that matches the paint of your house.

Single Car Parking

Even though you only have one car, you must be given a maximum parking space. You can place simple car parking on the terrace of your house or in a different place. You can rent or buy a little land for your parking location.

Car Parking Canopy

You need to complete this single with an umbrella or canopy on it to be protected from interference. Almost like an umbrella, but the shape of the canopy looks more curved and attractive, especially if you install a variety of colors.

Turning Garage as Car Parking

There is another safe way if you want your car to be safe at home. Of course it will be safer from interference from sunlight or rain. Just turn the warehouse next to your house into a simple car parking. Just limit your items that should be placed in the warehouse.

The advantage of locating the warehouse into a simple car parking, you can control your car and don’t have to worry about it being lost. You can control it without having to leave the house.

Car Parking Highway

Have you ever observed car parking in a restaurant? Various cars lined up with a canopy or a long canopy on it.
This simple highway car parking is usually at the location of the house that places the car on the highway. Placing the car on the highway has the potential to be exposed to sunlight which can damage your car. In addition, bad weather and streaks of other vehicles can also hit your car.
In addition, you can also find car parking in the form of a box house made of wood. It’s just simple, but can be useful for your car. Especially if you have more than one car, you don’t have to bother to have a place to store the car.

By having a simple car parking highway, at least you don’t disturb your neighbors or other pedestrians. Placing the car in an outdoor location is the best idea so that your home is comfortable and looks good from the outside.

Addition of a House Fence

For those of you who put the car in front of the house or yard, it’s better if you add a fence to make it safer. You can adjust the fence variations according to your wishes. The fence of the house also helps you to avoid thieves or strangers. Many vehicle thefts stem from the disorganized owner of the vehicle guarding the vehicle. The most neutral variation is a wooden house fence. Besides being sturdy, wood can also be aesthetic.

Simple car parking is your solution to save your car from bad weather, damaging UV rays of the sun or scratches on other items. Do not let you waste your car by not storing it properly. Today, there is no cheap car price, not to mention if you pay in installments. So, having simple car parking will help reduce your expenses.