The Timeless 2022 Bathroom Remodel Trend You Should Try

The beginning of the year is the right target to remodel a room in your home. Although it rarely looks intense, the bathroom in your home also needs an overhaul. The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home whose presence you need to pay attention to so that it always looks clean. Remember, a dirty bathroom can be a breeding ground for disease for you and your family. There are times when you need the 2022 bathroom remodel trend so that your bathroom looks fresh, clean and still beautiful.

Over the years, more and more people are buying houses, whether newlyweds or families with two children. Whether buying a luxury or minimalist sized house. Many people are competing to repair or remodel the interior and exterior of their homes. However, sometimes they forget that the bathroom is only painted white in a closed room without ventilation. Doesn’t having a nice bathroom also make you and your family comfortable? Moreover, the trend of remodeling the 2022 bathroom presents a simple design and sticks to aesthetics.

Are You Curious? Here Are The Parts that Shouldn’t be Left Behind in The 2022 Bathroom Remodel Trend:

The condition of the bathroom that is easily damp and dirty, you must deal with it by having a few things or parts that help make it easier to clean or look cleaner. Some of the sections for the 2022 bathroom remodel trend include:

1. Wide Tile Size in 2022 Bathroom Remodel Trend

Tiles are one of the components in your bathroom. As a foothold while in the bathroom, this section is a part that should not be missed. However, choosing the size of the tiles is also your consideration in remodeling the bathroom. The wide size of the tile makes it easier for you to clean it than the smaller size.

Cleaning between the tiles is an invisible challenge but it’s not easy either. If you have a small tile size, of course, your efforts to clean it are more extra than large tiles. After all, the 2022 bathroom remodel trend is more famous for its larger pieces.

2. Enough Glass

Glass should not be absent from your bathroom. Its presence is very useful when you or your family is taking a shower. Making sure there is no toothpaste left before you go out from the bathroom.

However, meet your glass needs. Do not over-install the glass because the glass is also easy to get dirty if splashed. Because you can’t always clean it all the time.

As for the shape of the mirror, you can adjust it to the size of the bathroom and your wishes. There are people who want a square mirror, there are also those who want an oval or circular mirror or also a rectangle.

3. Sufficient Air Circulation

You know for yourself that the bathroom area is damp and wet, which makes it easier for mold to grow. To work around this, you need sufficient air circulation so that the air from inside the bathroom can exchange with the air outside the bathroom. The window is not so big it is enough.

4. Hanging Toolbox

As a place to store toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and soap, a toolbox must be available. To save space and be practical, you can try a hanging model toolbox. Because the 2022 bathroom remodel trend focuses on function, this hanging toolbox is very useful to keep your bathtub clean because you no longer need to put your equipment in the tub. After all, you can also choose some DIY hanging toolbox shapes to your liking to make your bathroom more beautiful.

Next, Bathroom Design Style of 2022 Bathroom Remodel Trend:

1. Japandi Bathroom Design

Carrying a fusion between Japan and Scandinavia, the Japanese style has long been in demand by bathroom remodelers. This Japanese design is more of a minimalist style that is right for today’s homes.

With a natural touch and natural bathroom colors will bring freshness in your bathroom always. You can put plants in your bathroom around the sink. For color choices, you can choose neutral colors and wood motif tiles to give a Japanese impression.

2. Green Bathroom Design

Colors that rarely dominate, but still aesthetic for you to use to remodel your bathroom. Moreover, since the pandemic, the green color which symbolizes health has often been exhibited. In addition, the green color also symbolizes natural.

3. Using Wallpaper

Who says wallpaper is only used for home interiors? Wallpaper can also be an option in remodeling your bathroom.

For the bathroom, choose wallpaper that has a large pattern so that it helps make your minimalist bathroom look wider. Furthermore, as another option, you don’t need to stick wallpaper on the entire bathroom wall, but only one wall. Don’t forget to adjust your wallpaper pattern with the wall color so it doesn’t seem contradictory.

4. Natural Style Design

Similar to the Japanese design, this natural style design offers an outdoor bathroom so that homeowners don’t get bored with the usual bathroom style. Of course, you still have to prioritize privacy.

To create it, you can place plants in the bathroom to make it more fresh. In addition, replace ordinary wall paint with natural stone walls. This will add to the coolness of the bathroom area. After that, the sink can be made of clay so that the natural impression is more real.

5. Dark Bathroom Design for 2022 Bathroom Remodel Trend

Who is still afraid to go to the bathroom alone because of the darkness? Well, this one bathroom design deliberately carries a dark color as the interior.

This dark color dominates the room, starting from the color of the bath up, tiles or wall paint, to the color of the hanging toolbox. However, don’t forget to give it a light because the aesthetics are in the lighting. Can you imagine if you enjoy warm water with a dark atmosphere.

Yes, what are you waiting for? Just remodel your bathroom with the 2022 bathroom remodel trend. Don’t worry, even though these are trend choices for 2022, this trend could also continue in 2023 later. Many choices of timeless bathroom designs. Like using wood. Even the important parts in the bathroom above are components that you need to complete how to design your bathroom.