Hangar Home Design, Unusual Home For Your Privat Plane

Have you ever heard of hangar home ? Yes, it is a closed building or house for a plane stopover, a spacecraft, some cars and some motorcycles. Of course, the design of the hangar home is different from the design of the house in general. When you decide to choose a hangar home design, it means that you need to get rid of the desire to have an attractive home. An attractive house means the house you and your family want.

The hangar house is built of metal, wood and concrete. In addition to the location for storing aircraft, the hangar house is also a place of protection from the weather and direct sunlight. You can also do maintenance, repair, construction and deposit of aircraft in the hangar house.

Many Things You Need to Consider When You Want to Have a Hangar Home Design:

1. Desire to Combine Hangar House with Private House

The form of a hangar house with an ordinary house is very different, both in terms of physical and function. Therefore, you need to think carefully whether this hangar house will become one with your private home and family? Or the hangar house and private house are in separate locations.

This consideration arises because in terms of comfort, children and yourself will not be comfortable if you hear the noise of helicopters or planes at any time. From a physical point of view, sometimes the hangar house will contain pieces of planes and items made of metal, so it doesn’t allow you to convey aesthetic ideas.

2. The Need to Use The Services of a Home Designer

If you don’t know clearly the hangar house design you want, using the services of a home designer is the best solution. There is a lot of information about home designer services on the internet, but not all of them can design a hangar house. Because the hangar house is different from other houses. It’s better if you and your designer come to a pilot to make sure what is needed for the hangar house. Sometimes there are some designers who do not understand exactly how to design a hangar house. At least, a pilot would meet and know the hangar in his daily life.

3. Size Your Hangar House Design

Everyone has different intentions in building a hangar house. Some people want to store planes, cars or motorbikes. Or you build a hangar house for a workshop. Of course, with different intentions, the size of the hangar house design that you need is different.

A hangar house that you only use to store a few motorbikes or cars will be smaller than to store planes. Usually, a hangar house for storing motorbikes has a height of only 13 feet. By knowing the needs and size of your hangar house design, you can predict how many air conditioners you need to install and how many toilets you need to build.

Let’s Take a Peek at The Inspiration Hangar Home Design for You :

Getting Know with California’s Cameron Airpark Estates

In every country or even city must have elite housing. However, in the United States (US) there is one housing estate where each house is designed with a hangar house. This is because each resident in the housing estate has at least one private plane parked in front of their respective homes. Call it California’s Cameron Airpark Estates.

Actually, there are already more than 610 airparks spread across the world. Not just in California only. However, not just anyone can live here. Because, prospective residents have to reach into their pockets about up to $ 1.5 million dollars.

The road in front of the house is made very wide so that it can accommodate passing planes. The car can also still be next to the plane. On the other hand, the hangar is placed inside the house or outside the house like a cover which of course shelters your plane. Plus every house has an electric gate which you can control with a remote to open it. This makes it easier for you to remove the plane without having to open it first. Plus the existence of a mailbox that is made lower than usual so as not to interfere with the plane’s wings.

Getting Know with SilverWing at Sandpoint: Sandpoint, Idaho

For hangar house lovers, this location is suitable for building a hangar house design. With the beauty of the lake and pristine mountains, SilverWing at Sainpoint is located in the middle of this scene.
The design of this house is also made of stone accents but looks aesthetically worthy of a luxury villa. The available hangars are also custom made from 50′ x 42′ to 60′ x 70′

Getting Know with The Banman Live-Work Hangar at Santa Paula Airpark

Still in California, you can feel house in a delicious coffee bar semi hangar. With a simple cafe design, your airplane will be the center of attention in the middle of your hangar house. The Banman Live-Work Hangar at Santa Paula Airpark is perfect for classic airplane lovers.

Green Arc House: East Hampton, New York

Inspired by the hangar at Green Arc Hose in Maziar Behrooz, Green Arc House has a cool hangar house design. From the front, if you look at it, it’s very simple. The shape of the hangar is neatly curved at the top to ensure safe air circulation into the house. This 6,400-square-foot house is cut with a hillside and another room underground for the homeowner to maintain more privacy.

If you have a private plane or helicopter, a large collection of cars and motorbikes, there is nothing wrong with building a hangar house design. With a hangar that is able to cover and shade your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about parking lots of vehicles. Because having a vehicle means that you also need to think about where to park so as not to disturb the neighbors. In addition, having a hangar house will also be unique, especially if you are the only owner in your city.