Decoration Trends for 2022 Anti-Boredom

Since the corona pandemic in 2019, all activities are suddenly suspended and carried out at home. Work, school, play and seek refreshment stay indoors. Therefore, it is not wrong if the current decoration trends in 2022 is concerned with comfort and health.
Even though the pandemic seems to have subsided, you must remain vigilant. Family health is a top priority for everyone. Of course, the most effective way to prevent your family from illness and stress is to provide a sense of comfort and well-being at home.
Based on, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on everyone, many people are stressed when dealing with it. Therefore, learning to deal with stress or creating an anti-stress environment is an alternative to save you and your family.
You can create a healthy feel by planting plants around your house. You don’t always need a large area, hanging plants such as orchids can also be used.

The Current Best Decoration Trends for 2022 That You Can Apply to Your Home:

1. Featured Decoration Trends in 2022: Decorations with Natural Shades

In harmony with health, decoration with natural nuances is a very appropriate choice. Natural nuances provide fresh air in your home. Not only that, the plants in your home can also add to the aesthetics of the house and blend with a blend of natural wood and brown. The combination of freshness and warm into one comfortable blend.
Of course, having plants that you will place in the room needs research first. You can choose plants in terms of lighting, watering intensity and aesthetics.

Plants That are Suitable for You to Put in The House:

– Monstera Deliciosa, a plant that comes from Central America and Mexico does not require much lighting. Moderate lighting is sufficient to keep plants indoors.
– Lilies, this charming white plant exudes a charming charm that you can enjoy every day. Don’t forget to water it every day.
– Snake Plant, has leaves that are famous for being strong, sharp and standing. You can plant this plant in a medium pot in the bedroom or living room.
– Money Tree, has a unique shape with a braided stem, this plant is suitable as a gift for friends who move house. You only need to water this plant when it is dry.
– Philodendron, a plant that is very understanding with its owner. Because, this plant requires a little watering and a little lighting.

2. Featured Decoration Trends in 2022: Patterns and Bold Colors

The decorating trend in 2022 gives you the freedom to express what you like. Giving the dominant color to your house paint can add to your mood every day. If you like pastel colors, team up with turquoise, turquoise blur, pink and orange for your paint and furniture.
Not to forget, large patterns also support unique decorations in your home. For example, a large accent pillow that you place on your sofa and bedroom. A large and wide mirror that meets one wall can also be a reference for your home decoration.

3. Featured Decoration Trend in 2022: Minimalist Transition With Multifunctional Furniture

Minimalist houses are increasingly mushrooming in urban areas. Measuring 60 to 72 square meters this is one in the housing and is the residence of choice for newlyweds or people who choose
However, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate a minimalist home. Even with the existence of a minimalist home, minimalist home decoration also appears.
You can apply a minimalist transitional style decoration in your home. You can try combining some fine wooden furniture and a soft sofa.
Prioritizing functionality on furniture at home is a choice of decoration trends in 2022 that can cut your and your family’s expenses.

Furniture That Complements Minimalist Transitional Decor

On the other hand, because your house is smaller than the usual area of ​​​​the house, it is better for you to fill your home with multifunctional furniture. For example, a shelf cupboard that has an open or closed box. On a closed shelf, you can use it as a safe for tools or important items that you rarely use. For open shelves you can display photo frames, books, flower vases, and others. Multifunctional shelves can also be used as room dividers in your home.
Then, a convertible sofa can also be a choice for a sofa in your living room. In addition to functioning as a sofa, this furniture can also be used as a bed when the mattress under the sofa is pulled out.

4. Featured Decoration Trends in 2022: Homes With Sophisticated Technology

So comfortable, sometimes you need facilities that accompany you at home to support lying down. Those of you who are tired of working all day are greatly helped by the decoration of advanced technology furniture. You no longer need to turn off the headlights when you are asleep in bed at night. Like a smartphone, the facilities in your home need to understand what you need.
This 2022 decoration trend adopts the sophistication of information and technology during the pandemic. Everyone seems to be technology literate which was initially still very common.

State of The Art Facilities for Decorating Your Home:

– Multifunction remote. Multifunctional remote means controlling the lights in your home, from the headlights to the inside of the house. Automatically, you can turn the lights off or on without moving around much.
– Vacuum Cleaners. Cleaning the house regularly is a must. This tool can clean your house from dust even cleaner than a broom. In a more sophisticated form, the latest vacuum cleaners can clean without you having to push or wait. You just read the newspaper, your house is clean with this tool.
– Dishwasher. This tool can help you to wash dishes, glasses and other furniture. You simply pour the laundry soap in the place provided, then you set the time for cleaning the dishes. Wait a few moments, your plates, glasses and furniture are clean.

By knowing the decorating trends in 2022, those of you who will have a new home can have a great reference. In addition, for those of you who already have a house with a certain design, you can also replace your decor with the 2022 decoration trend so you don’t get bored. Prioritizing comfort, the decoration trend in 2022 is a choice that is in great demand.