The Backyard Swimming Pool Decorating Ideas Is a Fun Choice Today

The backyard swimming pool decorating ideas is a fun choice today. Having your own swimming pool behind the house is indeed very exciting. You can swim whenever you want without leaving the house. You can even invite anyone to swim into your swimming pool.
The location of the swimming pool behind the house is indeed strategic. However, it would be better if you decorate it to make  look more beautiful and comfortable again.

If you don’t have an idea for decorating your backyard swimming pool, here are some ideas that you can apply in your home:

1. Backyard Swimming Pool With Gazebo

If you want to gather with family, it is most comfortable to relax behind the house. Enjoy the light outdoor concept with a shady gazebo. In front of the gazebo, you can also make a rectangular swimming pool that can accompany you and your family while relaxing.
When you have a swimming pool behind your own house, you and your family no longer need to leave the house to swim. You can even invite friends and relatives to enjoy relaxing in the swimming pool and gazebo behind the house.

2. Swimming Pool Behind the Vertical Garden House

The swimming pool behind the house with a vertical garden model can give a fresh effect when you swim. In addition to swimming in fresh water, you can also enjoy the plants on the walls. Especially if there are members of your family who like gardening, the wall area can be used to hang orchid plants or put small or large potted plants around the pool.

3. Nature-themed backyard pool

To support the freshness of the swimming pool behind your house, a nature-themed design is the answer. You can design a nature-themed swimming pool by planting trees and grass around the pool and surrounding the swimming pool with large or small natural stones. You can also add a chair or gazebo complete with a single mattress to add to the impression of nature.
You no longer need to worry when the hot weather comes. Swimming in this nature-themed pool in the morning or evening will still be shady under the trees and green grass.

4. Modern Style House Back Pool

The idea of ​​​​this swimming pool at first glance is like a swimming pool behind the house usually, namely a rectangular swimming pool. However, around this swimming pool you have a glass wall that separates the pool from other spaces. For example, insulate with the gym room, dining room or family room. That way, every time you do activities, you can feel the view of the calm water at any time. For additional decoration, you can also make a mini shower in the swimming pool.

5. Modern Swimming Pool Behind the House

Like the usual backyard swimming pool, this pool is rectangular in shape. The difference is, you don’t need to put a lot of accents around the pool. After that, you need to paint the walls surrounding the swimming pool white. That way, the current concept of the swimming pool behind your house will be perfect.

6. Swimming Pool Behind The House With LED Lights

Swimming is not only in the morning or evening, right? Swimming at night is also a pleasure for some people. For that, adding LED lights in the swimming pool behind your house is a cool solution.
Just imagine, when you swim at night, you can see the LED lights lit up to decorate your swimming pool. In addition, LED lights can also decorate your swimming pool when you have an event or party at night.

In this day and age, houses that have a swimming pool behind the house are not rare. The reasons for having it