The Idea of ​​Layyered Bed For Your Lovely Bedroom

The idea of ​​layyered bed for your lovely bedroom is one of the keys to make your bedroom comfortable. Having a comfortable and pleasant bedroom is certainly everyone’s dream. The reason is, there are many activities that you can spend in the room. Like watching television, chatting, doing assignments and resting. And, having ​​layyered bed become an answer.
Just imagine if your room is boring, of course you also will not feel at bedroom in it for long. It’s different if your room looks neat, beautiful and comfortable. All day in the bedroom is enjoy.

The Idea Of ​​A Layyered Bed For Your Lovely Bedroom:

1. Have an Accent Pillow

Pillows seem to be a necessity when we sleep. Adding a sense of comfort and support for the head, those are the function of the pillow. However, you can also use pillows to decorate your bedroom.
Accent pillows are the right answer for you to decorate your layyered bed. You can have a slightly bulky accent pillow. Later, you can use this accent pillow for sleeping as well as a bedroom decoration.
A large number of accent pillows or at least more than three will also make your room more comfortable. Customize the accent pillow with your favorite things, such as a cartoon accent pillow.

2. Place The Carpet Under The Layyered Bed

Carpets are generally used by some people for sitting mats, but there is nothing wrong if you use them to cover your layered bed.
You can match the color of the carpet to the color of the bedcover and blanket of the bed. Or if you don’t want to bother, choose a neutral color.

3. Adjust The Color of The Bedcover With Your Bolster and Pillow

For an attractive appearance every day, you can buy bedcovers that have fun colors or patterns. Combine the color of your bedcover and bolster pillow.
Usually when you buy a bedcover, pillowcases and bolsters are also provided. However, other places are also products. If when you buy a bedcover there is no pillowcase and bolster, you are better off buying it and combining colors with your bedcover.
Choose pastel, neutral or your favorite colors. This will at least make you excited and always miss when entering your bedroom.

Actually, having a layyered bed is an option, but having a cool bunk bed is a treat. Decorating your bed indirectly also becomes a selfie reward for you.