Getting To Know The Transitional Decoration Style

Getting to know the transitional decoration style is indeed an option in this day and age. The reason is that nowadays people are not only concerned with function, but also style and prestige. Transitional decorating styles are the answer. some call this decoration a timeless decoration.
Decorations that combine contemporary and traditional styles can keep us fresh every day. This is because it can make you feel alive in decades.
If you’re curious, you can find transitional style decorations in any building. Starting from the house, hotel, or shelter. This decoration style has emerged around the 1950s after the modern style appeared with its striking appearance.

In addition, the advantages of this transitional style decoration are suitable for all genders. This style is different from the shabby chic style that looks feminine or the macho industrial interior style. Intermediate between the two, this style combines feminine and macho looks in one room.

Characteristics of Transitional Style Decoration:

1. Have a neutral color palette

The transitional style brings out neutral colors in the decor, such as white, gray, blue and green. The presence of this neutral color will make the decor more comfortable and calm.






2. Lack of accessories

In contrast to modern style decorations, transitional style decorations minimize the presence of accessories. The main principle in the decoration of the transitional style is to maintain calm and serenity. With the lack of accessories, residents will be more refreshed, free from freedom without being preoccupied with the sight of stacked accessories.

3. Balanced traditional and modern style

Combining traditional and modern styles is the hallmark of transitional style decoration. both are combined equally with different quantities. For example, you can decorate your bathroom with wooden doors, wooden glass, and a wicker basket for dirty clothes.

Some people say that the transitional style of decoration is a modern style with a traditional touch or a traditional style with a modern touch. However, the transitional style is actually a blend of the two.