Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Nowadays, urban people prefer to live in apartments rather than landed houses. In addition to its strategic location and surrounded by public facilities, the cost of renting an apartment is also more affordable than the cost of buying ordinary housing.

There are various types of apartments, ranging from studio types, 1 bedroom types, 2 bedroom types, to loft types. Of these various types, the most famous type among the millennial generation is the studio type. Although not too big, the studio type can also be made wider by applying a minimalist interior design For those of you who are interested in living in a studio apartment, here are seven interior design inspirations for a studio apartment living room.

Studio Apartment Living Room Interior Design Inspiration

Studio type apartments are small apartments with one open room. In other words, the living room, bedroom and kitchen blend into one room. The studio type is an apartment type that prioritizes space efficiency and is usually sold at the lowest price. No wonder the millennial generation, who incidentally are still working or newly married young couples choose this type of apartment as a place to live.

However, considering that the studio type uses an open plan concept, all rooms including the living room are integrated with other rooms.

Like it or not, there must be an overhaul in the living room so that the apartment becomes more spacious and efficient. For that, we need the right apartment living room interior design. Even so, don’t be in a hurry to immediately hire the services of an interior designer. Try first to decorate and arrange your own living room.

Because with the right interior design, you can turn the apartment living room into a relaxing area as well as a place to welcome guests who come. Below are some inspirations for the interior design of a studio apartment living room that is both minimalist and modern. Here’s the list

Modern Minimalist Living Room Design

The first design that you can apply for an apartment living room is a modern minimalist interior design. As the name suggests, this design uses simple furniture and furnishings, giving the impression of a wider room. This design is very suitable for studio type apartments that use the concept of open space.

Industrial Living Room Design

In recent years, the use of industrial concepts in private residences has begun to be in great demand by modern society. Even though your studio apartment has a limited area, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this industrial concept, you know! For interior design in your own living room, you can use large old factory-style furniture with monochrome colors.

It aims to highlight the industrial style in the apartment living room. You can also apply the concept of a room without a partition like the previous point, then replace it with a bookshelf as a room transition.

Chic Style Living Room Design

Chic is a very “fashionable” style in the field of interior design. By applying this design, you can enjoy the visual beauty in the living room of the apartment. You can also get the best comfort aspects of chic style with the use of functional compact furniture.

All-in-one Living Room Design

The concept of an all-in-one room will make your studio apartment look wider. Because, basically this concept is a solution for a minimalist apartment. By applying the all-in-one concept, all rooms such as the living room, bedroom and kitchen are in one area, and are not blocked by partitions.

Usually, this design uses a carpet as a symbol of a barrier as well as a room divider. The large windows in the apartment are also another interior key in this design. You can also use white to give the impression of being clean, comfortable, and spacious in the apartment.

Japanese Living Room Design

The Japanese-style interior design concept can be the right choice for those of you who want to have a minimalist apartment with an oriental style. At first glance, this Japanese-style interior design uses room decorations with wood or bamboo shades. You can buy some furniture that can be used on the side, for example a dining table or work desk.

After that, you can take advantage of the large window in one corner of the apartment as natural lighting. It can give a broad impression in the living room of your apartment.

Scandinavian style living room design

The interior design of the last apartment living room is a Scandinavian-style design. This design is perfect for those of you who like a room with a warm and comfortable impression.

With a mini kitchen and the dominance of neutral colors like white, your apartment living room will look more spacious and cozy. In addition, you can also incorporate brick elements into the living room to make it look more textured and natural. The last interior element to maximize Scandinavian-style interior design is a fluffy carpet.

For those of you who like the Scandinavian style which is famous for being minimalist and simple, it is obligatory to apply this concept to your minimalist studio apartment.

Those were some examples of studio apartment living room interior designs, ranging from modern minimalist, industrial, to Scandinavian style. Hopefully this article can help, especially for those of you who are planning to remodel the interior design of the apartment living room.