Smart Tips for Choosing a Minimalist Home Fence

Most houses with modern concepts are equipped with fences. Use the fence, among others, to protect the house from outside dangers, protect the privacy of the occupants of the house, or as an element to decorate the exterior of the house. There are various types of fences to choose from. The selection of the fence should be adjusted to the needs and the theme of the dwelling.

For a minimalist concept house, the fence used must also be minimalist. This needs to be done to create harmony between the various elements in the area of ​​the house. Well, here are some tips that you can try to choose the minimalist home fence.

Minimalist themes are indeed being loved. Not only as a design philosophy, minimalism is now also transformed into a lifestyle.

Many people choose a minimalist home design because of the “simplicity” of shape, open layout, and the use of timeless colors. It turns out that having a minimalist home design is not enough, perfect the appearance of your palace with the selection of the right minimalist home fence.

So far, many people still think that the fence is only a safety device. Therefore, many people ignore the role of beauty of the fence itself. Even though it only functions as a safety device, the presence of a fence can also increase the aesthetic value of your home!

The position of the fence at the very front makes it one of the main points for guests in determining the impression when they first visit someone’s house. Having a high aesthetic value is one of the strong reasons people choose a minimalist fence as the entrance to their palace.

Tips for Choosing a Minimalist House Fence

Then, are there any tips for choosing the right minimalist fence? Of course! Here are some smart tips to consider:

1. Tips for choosing a minimalist home fence: Choose a quality fence material

Consider using quality materials to make your fence. This is very much needed to determine the durability and how long the age of our fence will be. It is better to spend a slightly more expensive pocket, rather than using a fence with materials that are easily damaged and rusty.

It doesn’t just have to be one type of material, for example all iron or all wood. You can also combine the two. A black iron fence with brown wood accents will give a very attractive impression. If you want to add a natural impression to your home, choose natural stone materials for the walls around the fence.

2. Tips for choosing a minimalist home fence: Use the best possible designs and colors

Why? Remember the fence is the first impression of your home. Guests will begin to judge the aesthetics of someone’s home from the shape and design of their fence. With the selection of a beautiful minimalist fence will increase the attractiveness of the design of the house itself. 

In addition to the design, don’t forget to use a paint color that matches the overall color of your home. The minimalist concept carries the concept of “simple”, try not to play with many colors. Because later it can cause color imbalance.

If you want to use another color, choose a contrasting color as well. For example, your house paint is dominated by white or gray, choosing a black fence will make your house look more elegant and clear.

3. Tips for choosing a minimalist home fence: Determine the height of the fence

Of course these tips relate to home security reasons. A fence that is built too low will reduce the security function, while building a fence that is too high will block the view and erode the aesthetic value of the house as a whole. One meter high fence is considered sufficient in terms of security, and fit in terms of aesthetics.

In addition to giving an open effect, a fence with the right height will give a welcoming feel to guests who come. You can also add wide gaps in the fence so that your beautiful home design can be seen.

4. Color can make an impression

Colors that are suitable for minimalist home designs are pastel and white colors. You can also apply this concept when choosing a house fence. One of the colors to choose from is white. A plain appearance not only creates a simple impression, but at the same time luxurious and elegant.

It’s just that, these plain and bright colors are easily exposed to dirt, either dust, mud, and so on. This condition makes the fence look dull and no longer stunning. To avoid this, you must carry out routine and thorough maintenance.

5.Pay attention to the safety factor

The safety factor also needs to be considered when choosing a fence. According to its function, the fence should be able to play a maximum role in protecting the house from unwanted things that come from outside the house. Apart from the right materials, you can also protect your home in other ways, such as installing locks or having property insurance.

One of the insurances that can guarantee your assets is ASRI (Idaman Home Insurance) insurance from ACA. This insurance will protect your property assets from the risk of fire, violent theft, earthquake, and various other unexpected disasters.

So, here are some ways to choose a minimalist home fence that you need to know. By applying this, the house can be transformed into a comfortable resting area.