Recommendations for the Best Cosmetic Shelf Design For Home

Collecting cosmetics has become a necessity nowadays, especially for women. There is not a single cosmetic that you should miss. Starting from cosmetics on hair to toe. However, do not let so many cosmetics that you have to make your home a mess. Of course, you need a cosmetic shelf design for home that covers all of your cosmetics.

How to Choose a Cosmetic Shelf Design for Home :

1. Customize Your Cosmetics Collection

a. Customize Your Cosmetic Shelf Design For Home Size With Your Cosmetics Collection

The collection of your cosmetic needs that is decorated in a minimalist style is certainly different from a makeup enthusiast. Those of you who are decorated in a minimalist style tend not to need a cosmetic shelf model in a large house. Meanwhile, a makeup enthusiast needs a large cosmetic rack in the house.
After that, if your type of cosmetics is packaged in bottles, choose a shelf that allows it to stand. Meanwhile, for flat-shaped cosmetics or palettes, you can store them in stacks.

b. Is It Better to Have Closed or Open Shelves?

Adjust the shelf model with your cosmetic collection. Closed shelves are recommended because they prevent your cosmetics from dust or dirt. This shelf model is suitable for storing cotton buds, cotton. If the shape of this closed shelf is high, you can use it to store makeup brushes.
For open shelves, it makes it easier for you to take your cosmetic collection easily, especially when you are in a hurry. The open shelf is perfect for storing lipstick, lidded eyebrow pencil, or eyeliner. However, nowadays you don’t need to worry because there are already combined (closed and open) shelving models.

2. Adjust Based on Shelf Model

a. Shelf Model Cosmetics

For those of you who have a variety of cosmetics, the bulkhead model cosmetic rack really helps you to separate your types of cosmetics. The presence of a partition can help separate the location of lipstick, mascara, or brush. On the other hand, you can distinguish the cosmetic shelf design from home by type, color and even brand. However, because there are many bulkheads, you will need extra time to clean them in every crevice due to frequent exposure to dust.

b. Drawer Model Cosmetic Shelf

Items such as powder, blush or eyeshadow, of course, you need to store properly. With a drawer model cosmetic rack, at least you can store these items in a drawer. You keep your powder safe from locations that can easily fall or spill. However, don’t forget to always check the expiration date of your cosmetics. In order not to forget what is in each drawer, you can look for drawers made of transparent material. In addition, you can also stick it with a label on each drawer front.

c. Hanging Cosmetic Shelf

The most striking advantage of having a hanging rack model is that it saves your space. Whether you have a large or narrow bedroom space, a hanging cosmetic rack will not interfere with the state of your bedroom. In addition, hanging models also look more aesthetic when viewed if they are made of glass or wood.
The installation of this hanging model rack varies, ranging from the need to use a drill, nails or adhesive. Do not forget to pay attention to the condition of your walls, whether your walls are suitable for nailing. As a treatment, it is advisable not to put a lot of items in one partition because of the risk of falling.

3. Various Cosmetic Shelf Design for Home Materials

a. Plastic

Usually, cosmetic shelf design for home made of plastic have prices that are quite affordable than others. After that, you are also easy to move it because it is not heavy.

b. Wood

Wood is heavier than plastic. However, you can choose a lighter wood material. Cosmetic shelf design for home in wooden are more expensive but more durable.

c. Acrylic

In general, acrylic material is easier to find for cosmetic shelf design for home. Some shops sell acrylic cosmetic shelves because they are transparent, making it easier to know where your cosmetics are. Even though it looks

3. Adjusting Your Cosmetic Shelf Design For Home with Home Interior

In addition to considering in terms of function and efficiency, you can adjust the selection of cosmetic shelf for home to suit the interior of the house. Choose the color, shape, motif and material of the cosmetic shelf for home according to the interior of your home.
There is a cosmetic shelf made of wood with vintage pieces that match the classic room. If you don’t have a mirror, then there’s nothing wrong with having a cosmetic shelf that has a mirror right away. Then, a simple cosmetic shelf design¬†for home is suitable for a minimalist room.

Recommendations for the Best Indoor Cosmetic Shelf Design for Home:

1. 360 degree Swivel Acrylic Shelf

The latest solution for those of you who want to look more aesthetic and modern is a cosmetic rack in a 360-degree rotating acrylic model house. With this 360 degree swivel acrylic shelf, you can put various kinds of cosmetics. Starting from the bottom, the skincare position with the bottle until the top, you put the cosmetic brush.

2. Shabby Chic Cosmetics Shelf

For women, you can try the shabby chic style at home. Three-level white stacking shelves like flower pots can be placed in your room. At the top level, you can put your skincare and cosmetics by arranging them neatly.

3. Mini Wooden Cosmetic Shelf With Mirror

Not as big as a shabby chic cosmetic rack, you can place this mini wooden cosmetic rack on your dressing table. Made of light wood with a cute design, this cosmetic shelf product is suitable for the feminine spirit.
Mini wooden cosmetic rack is equipped with a mirror so you can use your skincare while looking in the mirror. On the other hand, mini wooden shelves are usually complete with drawers and dividers making it easier for you to put various lipsticks, moisturizers, eyeshadows, and others. No need to worry about where to put the powder so it doesn’t fall.

4. Hanging Mini Bucket

If you have a mini bucket or mini pot that is no longer used, create these two objects as your cosmetic container. You can hang it or put it on your dressing table.
Because it has an open model, you don’t need to be difficult to take your cosmetics. On the other hand, you can use two or more buckets or pots and differentiate them based on the color or type of your cosmetics. In order not to get bored, you can stick it with various stickers.

5. Wall Mounted Cosmetic Shelf

For those of you who want a cosmetic rack without being confused about placing a place, a wall-mounted cosmetic rack is suitable in your bedroom. You can choose a cosmetic rack made of light wood, acrylic or blocks.
This hanging cosmetic rack is useful when you have a small or narrow bedroom. No longer do you need a wide space. If you choose a transparent material, it will be more attractive and aesthetic as well.

Well, those are the various models and forms of cosmetic shelf design for home that are recommended for you. Do not let your cosmetics scattered in your room or home. With a cosmetic shelf in this house, it helps you store your cosmetics properly.