4 Car Garage Designs For Minimalist Homes

The garage is one of the most important parts that must be owned by every motorized vehicle owner, especially a car. If adjusted to the trend, a minimalist car garage remains a favorite of many people. This is because the concept of a minimalist garage is simple, uncomplicated and looks modern. In addition, other things that encourage most people to choose this minimalist garage model are due to the limited land they have.

Car Garage Designs

Generally, garage designs usually have sliding or elevating doors, but in various places there are also open space garages whose design and size depend on the budget and space you have. Apart from being a place to shelter the car from heat and rain, a minimalist car garage also functions as a workshop, storage area and so on. If you’re planning a new minimalist garage, here are some ideas that might help you create something really special and out of the box.

1. Minimalist Car Garage with Open Carport Concept

This minimalist car garage design inspiration is perfect for those of you who do have a limited house or land area because this minimalist garage with a minimalist carport concept does not require a lot of space and is very pocket friendly. By relying on the remaining land on the outside of the existing house, this minimalist garage will prioritize space with a cover at the top for one unit of your favorite car. In order to avoid a claustrophobic impression, it is recommended that you make only one side of the wall with wood material. However, on the roof, try to use a quality material structure.

2. Minimalist Car Garage Design with Steel Canopy

The easiest way to make a garage by utilizing the front of the house is to make a canopy. The canopy itself is part of the frame and roof that is often used to protect the car from rain and other extreme weather. This modern minimalist garage idea carries the concept of open space by using wood material in several parts and materials from mild steel and zinc will make the canopy more sturdy.

3. Minimalist Car Garage Design with Glass Canopy

Various canopy designs can also be combined with other materials for a more attractive appearance. For example, light steel material for the poles and sides and the roof uses glass material to make it look more luxurious.

4. Land in front of the house for a minimalist car garage

Having limited space doesn’t mean you can’t have a minimalist garage in your home. There are many types of houses that rely on a small piece of land on the outside of the house to be used as a minimalist car garage that remains safe and comfortable. To keep it looking beautiful, use brightly colored ceramic or stone. You can also combine it with green grass land to create a natural and fresh impression. To prevent erratic weather changes, you can still use a car protector from a tarpaulin. If you have more budget, just use a canopy roof so that the minimalist garage is more optimal and safe.