What I Think Has Changed From The Past

“Is it possible to get to retirement?”
This is a hot topic recently with my colleagues.

It has been several decades since I started working at a company. This is the third time I have been working for many years. (Your age will be different.)
It’s been a long time since women’s social advancement was avoided,
That wasn’t the case when I joined the company.

It was natural to quit after getting married or giving birth.
I think it was an interesting rule now, if the reason for resigning was “marriage / childbirth” in the past.
There was a small amount of severance pay, but there was an extra.
It’s amazing to think that it’s normal for women to quit.
However, I came here without being in such a trend!

Rather than having no chance to quit, “I have to earn my own money to get married!”
I have a big feeling.
… It’s the same feeling as a current child that working together is normal.
Also, the work was interesting and I had a colleague.

At my workplace, there are several women of the same age. With or without children.
There are various types of married and unmarried people.
It wouldn’t last long without people of the same age.

I am aiming for “retirement” with that colleague!
Until now, women have never retired at the company I work for.
If you get here, aim for your first retirement!
・ ・ And my nose will get rough.
Well, there are decades left, so I don’t know the future. I’ll do my best


How to Motivate Yourself to Get Up After Falling

It’s okay to fall after falling. However, try to build motivation for yourself so you can get up soon.

Everyone must have been at the bottom because of a fall. The problem is can we get up after falling? Self-motivation is very important so that we can quickly rise from adversity. However, not everyone can motivate themselves to get up after falling.

For those of you who want to get up immediately after the downturn that befell you, here’s how to generate motivation for yourself that you can follow:

1. Realizing Reality

It doesn’t matter if you have fallen and experienced a slump. However, you can’t drag yourself down into the abyss. Try to generate motivation for yourself by being aware of the reality that is happening. Look at the fact that if you don’t move from adversity, then nothing will be able to save you.

2. Don’t Feel Embarrassed

When you are in the lowest position after a fall, feelings of shame will definitely emerge. You think about other people’s views of you so that in the end you feel ashamed and inferior.

The key to getting up quickly is not to feel embarrassed easily. Believe that everyone must have fallen and don’t let your shame stop you from getting up and surviving again.

3. Take a Break from Routine

It’s time to take a moment to motivate yourself. Maybe you need a lot of time to reflect and introspect yourself. So, there’s nothing wrong if you take a break from your daily routine.

Routines sometimes make your mind and body tired so you don’t have time to mentally improve yourself. Try to take a short break so you can evoke feelings that were down and get back up to continue living.

4. Vacation to a Fun Place

Self-motivation doesn’t have to be done with solitude and reflection. Sometimes you also need refreshing to refresh your mind and feelings that had fallen into adversity.

Plan a vacation to a place that pleases you. You need time to change the atmosphere so that the mood becomes better. Well, during your vacation you can also take the time to introspect and encourage yourself to immediately fight feelings of being down and down.

5. Rework the Next Plan

A plan is a very important thing to make. Without a plan you will have no achievement. In fact, achievement is a hope that you can get up immediately after falling.

Take the time to rework your next plan. Believe that all that is good will definitely run smoothly. So, you don’t have to worry about the failure of the plan you’ve made. If you fail at some point, don’t be afraid to try again.

6. Always Grateful

Without realizing it, people find it harder to be grateful and easier to complain. In fact, with gratitude you can learn how to motivate yourself. When you are at the lowest position, look around you because there are still many people who are not luckier than you.

7. Make Failure a Learning

Failure is common. In fact, when you fall once, make your experience a valuable lesson so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.

It’s time to get up and find a way to self-motivate. Remember, constantly being down will not make you happy and useful for the people around you.

8. Decide what kind of individual you will be

How do you look buddy? What will you wear buddy? How will your relationship look like? Where will you live? What car will you be driving? Take 15 minutes, close your eyes, and really imagine the life you want in your heart to really feel it. Keep the picture of your perfect life in mind.

9. Believe in life there is always a chance

You must believe, without a shred of doubt, that the individual you envision is your future friend. You need an end point to know how and where to start your journey. Where will your journey end? What target do you want to achieve? Write everything down. All individuals need something to pursue because no human is perfect. Now is your chance to choose it. This is what you are targeting.

10. Stop the negativity

Come on, stop it! you know how negativity works. Instead of thinking about useful and rational things, my friend thinks, “I really suck, I’ve never been appreciated no matter what, so why should I try so hard?” Here’s a piece of advice for you guys: Such thinking is not a fact. Thoughts are feelings, and feelings can change.

When you notice that you’re thinking something negative, you can encourage yourself to stop it for a moment or add something to make it better. “I feel like a failure” changes to, “I did fail today. But tomorrow is a whole new story.” Don’t think everything is black and white. Nothing is 100% correct. When the saying goes “the storm will pass”, this is what it means.

11. Re-develop old hobbies and find new ones

Between naps and the latest movies, it’s easy to lose your old friend. To revive yourself, you have to do things that you might not want to remember and keep your old life before it sinks is one of them.

If you used to like playing music, force yourself to play again. If you used to love to cook, cook. That may be the last thing you want to work on, but reinventing a hobby that once made you happy can be the medium of change you need.

12. Stay Active

Apart from keeping an old hobby (a good one), a new one is just as rewarding! Staying active (both physically and mentally) will force you off the sluggish and lazy line of thinking that has been holding you back. Are there opportunities at your school or office? Did your friend try something that looked interesting? What is the most useful way to spend your free time? In other words, what can distract you? then do it.

Well buddy, that’s the way to get up from the bottom and become a new, better person, see you in the next article, thank you.