First Solo Trip, 10 Tips Solo Traveling

It’s a day trip to Kyoto, but I went on a solo trip. This is my first time traveling alone.
I heard that it is the cheapest to go by night bus, so I bought a ticket and boarded the bus.

I will arrive at Kyoto around 6 am by bus around 11 pm.
I bought it before going to the guidebook, so I was finally sleeping while looking at it.

It’s already morning when I wake up.
When you arrive at Kyoto Station and take the night bus, you will go to Kiyomizu-dera, which you can enter early in the morning.
Then change to the bus that goes to Kiyomizu Temple.

However, I noticed something important here. I don’t have fine money!
There is a sticker on the bus saying that you cannot exchange high-value banknotes.
I told the bus driver, but he refused.

If you are in trouble, the person behind you will give you the fare.
I was looking for a bag to find an alternative, but that person
“OK. I also get help from other people. “When
Thank you for telling me and I was able to pay for the bus.

I paid the admission fee at Kiyomizu-dera and made a small change, so I couldn’t pay it by bus in addition to the offer.
I also put in the amount of money.
After that, I went around the shop where I wanted to eat breakfast at the cafe.

I came back by night bus again. The most memorable thing this time was the event of this bus.
I’m glad I met a good person.
Traveling alone, I’m going to get hooked.

10 Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Who do you usually go on vacation with? Have you ever thought about having a vacation alone in a certain city or country? If you haven’t, you have to try it, at least once in a lifetime.

Especially if you’re still single. It’s a little scary to think about it. Because we visit a place alone. The intention is to go on vacation, but instead we are alone. What if you get lost, there are bad people, no friends to share destinations or culinary with, and so on. That’s what often haunts our minds, right?

Don’t worry, it’s all just our excessive worries or fears. Solo traveling is really fun. Before the age of 30, you should try it at least once. The benefits are many, as below:

1. You will step out of your comfort zone
Solo traveling will “force” you out of your comfort zone. When traveling with friends, we wake up waiting for friends to wake up. If alone, we must wake up alone on time.

You are really trained to be a person who is not what you usually are. Trust me, it’s very exciting!

2. Train yourself to be more independent
So independent? Definitely! You will learn to be independent from others, to fight laziness, fear, and so on.

For example, you have to find your own food, find your own tourist location, ask local residents about everything, to decide anything with your own beliefs. It’s time to conquer the world!

3. You will find your true self
So far, we must have often questioned, who we really are, what do we live for, what useful things we have done for other people, and so on.

Not only that, we also often compare ourselves with others. This is lacking, lacking that, without knowing what our real strengths are.

Well, with solo traveling, we will find our true identity. We will learn to understand the differences that need not be a problem or should be compared. Solo traveling will “force” us to survive in other people’s land.

Getting out of our comfort zone will make us bring out all the characters that have been hidden within us. Try!

4. Become a more confident person

By traveling alone, we are used to making our own decisions. Depends on the rational, instinct, and a particular context. Like it or not, we are again “forced” to be confident in everything we do.

We have to ask other people when we get lost, about halal or delicious culinary, including facing problems during the holidays. Believe in yourself will immediately honed by itself. Trust me!

5. Learn more from nature and travel
Nature teaches us many things, so does travel. Only by traveling solo, we will get valuable lessons from both.

You learn about the local culture, read natural signs, to be grateful for what you already have. Because, along the way, you will find various conditions in society that are not as lucky as you.

6. You become more able to appreciate the little things
If usually we are not disciplined while traveling, this time is different. We can’t depend on roommates or group mates during the holidays. As a result, we become more appreciative of our time and ourselves.

We are more touched when there are still many people who want to help when we are in trouble, even though we never know them.

7. Even though you are traveling solo, you will not feel lonely
If you imagine, solo traveling is the loneliest person. Usually when we travel with friends, we can laugh together, talk about anything, everywhere together.

But, make no mistake. Solo traveling will make us more “rich” you know. We will meet new people, including greeting local residents and getting to know their culture. More and more people will help because we are alone.

It’s not uncommon for solo travelers to find their moorings while on vacation in other people’s lands. So much fun, right?

8. Broken heart? Solo traveling can heal you

Usually we tell friends when we are heartbroken and upset. This time not. We can actually tell nature that our hearts are worried.

Believe me, you will find many interesting things while traveling alone. Finding new people for example. If you can’t be a boyfriend, you can be a friend right? You will not feel the saddest alone because there are still many people who are not as lucky as us.

9. Make yourself more sensitive
Sensitivity can only be obtained when we are alone. When alone, our level of struggling increases.

This makes our instincts for small things stronger. Our vigilance will increase by two to several times. We can also see things closer, more solemnly, and more. No wonder, walking alone makes us more sensitive.

10. Free!
Free to do anything. Want to go to destination A, B, or Z. Want to eat soto, papeda, extreme culinary, or something else. We don’t need to ask travel partners.

We determine everything ourselves. Only by traveling solo, our body and soul will truly feel free.

How about you, aren’t you afraid of solo traveling anymore? Trust me, your vacation will be more exciting!