Craftsman Style Home Interior Is Different From The Others

Have you ever seen a craftsman style home interior? What is the image in your mind when you hear it? Is the house full of carvings? Or a house with various antiques?

Craftsmen can indeed look different. You can recognize a craftsman’s house by several characteristics, including the shape of the door, what elements are in the house and the interior decoration. At first glance, this house displays a charming vintage style. Arts and crafts have been popular since the 19th century. Craftsman-style homes or bungalow homes are very popular in California and the Midwest.

10 Distinctive Characteristics of Craftsman Style Home Interior

1. Presence of Carved Doors

Starting from the front of the house to every room, the presence of a door is an element that you cannot leave behind. At first glance, the door that functions as an exit and entry access looks normal, but when the craftsmen are in action, the door is not just a door. Maybe you will find carved doors in craftsman-style home interiors. Carving after sculpture coloring the rectangular wooden shape. Of course, this carved door is made of wood.

2. Natural Atmosphere Surrounds Craftsman Style Home Interior

Craftsmen tend to use natural materials or local materials that are easily available. Both in terms of building a house to interior decoration of the house. Souvenirs, statues, carvings, carved frames, all made of clay or wood. In addition, it is not uncommon for you to find floors and pillars of houses made of hardwood.

3. Open Ceiling Beam

If the ceiling in your house is closed, you can try the craftsman’s style of designing. The open ceiling of the house is exemplified by Michelle Lisac. He said that the open ceiling helps the craftsman’s house get a warm and comfortable impression.

4. There is a Reading Corner

Reading is important. Travel around the world just by reading books. Therefore, in a craftsman’s house there is no reason not to have a reading corner. Even books can also be a means for craftsmen to explore their abilities.

To be different from the others, maybe you can find a reading corner with a soft, soft sofa and various details around it. For example, pillows, flower vases or mini cupboards. You may not find a reading corner in just one room but in several rooms.

5. Signature Dining Room

In ancient times, eating activities were activities where you gathered with your family. Therefore, the craftsmen focus on the dining room with a number of things that can make the family feel comfortable gathering.

The dining room itself is divided into two, a large dining room or a narrow dining room. If the dining room is large, it is usually located between the living room or family room and the kitchen. The appearance is wide and everyone has their own seat to eat the meal. The light brown decoration on the walls and table top is highly recommended. Then the seating with additional linen is also unique. Meanwhile, if you want a narrow dining room, just make your home dining room in the corner of the room with an L-shaped table.

6. A Fireplace That Accompanies Winter

If you are in the living room of a craftsman-style interior house, you will find a fireplace. The fireplace is the center of your living room. Usually in country-style homes, this fireplace is laid out using bricks.

7. Natural Color Palette

It is not a rule or a must to choose natural color palette colors. But the warm brown color seems to have been attached to a craftsman. Apart from brown, neutral colors can also be found in craftsman-style home interiors. For example, leaf green, neutral white and cream, and a little water blue. This color is used for the choice of color palette for the walls of the house. However, combining the color of the furniture with natural colors also looks calm.

8. Have Natural Lighting

Some crafts are dried by natural light or heat from the sun. That way it will dry quickly and get maximum results. Not much different from a house that requires good natural lighting. Try to have more than one window glass so that there is more lighting in the house. If there is a room in the house that does not get lighting or at least air circulation, then that room will be gloomy and damp.

9. Unique Details Belong to Craftsman Style Home Interior

Decoration details are finishing choices that help complement the home interior. For a craftsman-style home interior, you also need unique and interesting details. You can place this detail in several rooms, not just in one room. For example, in the living room you can place a painting with a carved frame, or a sized table and chairs. In the dining room and bedroom you can add a large lamp that hangs above. Wicker seats are also unique, they seem to accompany you when reading book.

10. Wall Decorations in Craftsman Style Home Interior

The interior of a craftsman-style house doesn’t always have brown nuances, you could just use a neutral color as the dominant color. Meanwhile, brown is the secondary color. That means your wall color is not always brown. You can choose cream or white colors on the walls of your home. In addition, some of the walls can also be modeled with another look. For example, you install a brick style wallpaper or a white wood style. Don’t forget to add a wooden deck against the wall to save your space.

Actually, there are more characteristics of a craftsman-style house that you can apply to your home. You don’t have to be a craftsman if you want to make this happen, just combine a few elements and supporting decorations and move it all around your home. That way, you’ve got a home touch like a craftsman. Don’t worry about getting started, all you have to do is contact a trusted and experienced designer near your home. In addition, there are many online designer services that make it easier for you at any time.