Virtual Room Decorating Helps You Design The Room

Decorate your room easily even though you are not an interior decorator? Nothing is impossible. Especially in this day and age, you can easily choose the available virtual room decorating features.

Even though later it is not you who decorates your room completely, but you have the right to have a picture of the room decoration first. By having your designs in the app, you will easily discuss them with your designer or decorator.

In this modern era, it’s time you no longer need to draw designs with pencils and waste paper. Just open your application on your smartphone or via your desktop. You can immediately create the appearance of the room decoration according to your convenience.

How Virtual Room Decorating Works

Some apps are friendly with new users. Only with perseverance and thoroughness, moreover you can get a decoration application or room design for free.

To use it, first you need to know clearly the concept of decoration that you will apply to your room. Whether it’s a Hampton, Japandi decor or something else. This concept will determine the color of wall paint, ceramics to furniture that will fill your room.

Second, you can adjust the floor plan of the room. Usually you just have to drag and drag to set it up. Adjust the area with the original area of ​​​​your room. Third, it’s time for you to design and decorate your room. You can choose the paint color, to the furniture in your room. Make sure if your room will be used often, don’t put a lot of furniture.

Finally, you need to change the 2D decoration design format to 3D format. The 2D format you used at the start of your design plan. You can see the space properly. See the size even though there is an auto-sizing feature. For the 3D format you use to review the clarity of your bathroom design in more detail.

5 Virtual Room Decorating Applications

1. Virtual Room Decorating : Planner 5D

Let’s get acquainted with the Planner 5D application. This application will help you decorate your room. Through this application, you will find it easy to redesign the room by simply pulling and dragging. In fact, it’s so easy, you can import floor plans from the library for you to apply to your designs.

This app is open to everyone free. Unless you need a more complete library. In addition, this application displays your designs in 2D and 3D as well.

2. Roomstyler

Through this application will allow you to create a floor plan of the room you want. You can adjust the location of doors, windows and other furniture that you need to place in the room. In fact, uniquely you can choose from more than 11,000 branded items that you are trying to put in your room. Tempting isn’t it? Not just wishful thinking. At the same time you can also check the price of the furniture you have chosen. In addition to designing, you can immediately organize your budget.
You can use this application for free without having to join first. Another plus, you can choose a room design that is listed in the application library.

3. Ikea Home Planner

Of course, the Ikea name is no longer heard in your ears. Yes, are you imagining choosing furniture from Ikea? If so, it’s time for you to make it happen. Eits, before that, you are recommended to design your room on Ikea Home Planner.
Ikea Home Planner is one of the virtual room decorating where you can design your room. No less important is that you can choose and place furniture in the design of the room. Interesting right? After that, of course, this virtual home decorating is equipped with a catalog of the price of the furniture you choose. So what are you waiting for? You can do two things at once in this free app. You can choose the room furniture and place it while calculating the budget you need.

4. The Home Renovator

This application helps you plan home renovations. More specifically, this one virtual room decorating helps you choose down to the details. For example, choosing paint colors, ceiling shapes, drywall to ceramic tiles.
You can use this application for free. With the help of one click, this application helps you find out how many tiles you need, the budget you need and the details of material placement.

5. Home Sweet 3D

For this application you need to login first in order to use it. This application helps you arrange the location of the room in more detail.

Besides being friendly to new users, the good news is that you can use this application for free. But if you want a more sophisticated version of Home Sweet 3D, then you need to pay an additional price. As usual, this app comes with a catalog feature so you can choose furniture for your room and plan your room with a drag and drop motion. Don’t forget that 2D and 3D formats are also available here.

6. MagicPlan

This virtual room decorating is available on iOS and Android smartphones. Through this application you can easily scan your room with just one photo. As a result, you no longer need to bother measuring images. Complete application not for new users? To be honest, this application still has various drawbacks, but the advantage is that new users are very helpful in quickly arranging interior layouts. Even a contractor can find it easier with this application because it can make accurate design reports.

7. Virtual Room Decorating : Amikasa

Is the name of this application foreign to you? Certainly not for the designers. Amikasa is a room design application that has won the Webby award.
You don’t need to doubt anymore, this application will certainly bring up your designs in 3D format. In addition, you can take a virtual tour of the room you design. Fun, isn’t it? On the other hand, another nice thing is that you can share your designs on social media to get feedback from the audience. To get it, iOS users need to reach into the pocket up to $ 0.99, while it’s free for the Windows version.

So, what about the virtual room decorating recommendations above? Are you interested in trying it? It’s no longer the time for you to depend on the creativity of others. Create the creativity of your room according to your comfort. Moreover, almost all virtual room decorating applications are free, so you don’t have to worry about costs. What you need is persistence, passion, ideas and just taking the time.