Exterior Design of The Funeral Home

In this day and age, the existence of funeral homes is not a new thing. Many families entrust the funeral home facilities as a service and a place of final respect for their family or relatives. Of course, the two moments in life, birth and death should not be an ordinary moment. Entrusting funeral home facilities, of course, also requires careful thought. Starting from the facilities, whether complete or not, the location with the house, the shape of the building to the exterior design of the funeral home as well.

Even though it’s true that when calamity comes to someone, sometimes no one can think straight. Even to think about how the funeral procession took place.

The atmosphere of grief and sadness has certainly enveloped family and relatives. However, thankfully the existence of this funeral home facility saved this confusion situation. Do you also agree with this statement?

Benefits of Using Funeral Home Facilities

Have Guidance on the Procession of the Body from the Experts

The advantage of funeral home facilities is that some of them have complete funeral procession guidance facilities. Starting from bathing, shrouding, cremating, applying makeup, to picking up the bodies. All are provided from experts according to their respective religions and customs. Every religion and custom has its own uniqueness.

With this mentoring facility, family or relatives do not have to bother to exhaust their energy following traditional or religious processions. Just come and watch and win yourself. The wounds and mixed feelings of grief still haven’t gone away even though two to three hours have passed. Especially for family or relatives who don’t really understand this corpse procession, the experts will handle it.

Providing Corpse Equipment

Some funeral homes have provided mortuary equipment, such as suits, clothes, shoes, other shrouds, to coffins. That way, family and relatives are greatly helped and no longer need to buy it outside. Only need to choose which equipment is suitable for the corpse.
Adequate Meeting Place
For some people who have houses in housing, in row houses, and minimalist homes, entertaining guests in large numbers is certainly a difficult thing. Think about how to park the vehicle, where to put a bouquet of flowers and where family and relatives gather.

All of it seemed impossible to be one location alone. Therefore, having a funeral home really helps us not to think about all that. Guests, family and relatives can gather together, no one worrying about the problem of vehicles or places to put a bouquet of flowers. That’s all because it has been neatly provided by the funeral home.

If there are people or relatives who intend to stay overnight before the body is buried, some funeral homes rent hotel rooms. You can also choose the grade of this room yourself, the usual room, VIP or VVIP. Likewise, the room you book for the family meeting with the corpse for the last time also has a grade.

Have Catering or Consumption Facilities

Crying and being sad, of course, do not seem draining. At this time, food is very important to increase our energy so that the family remains strong through the procession of the corpse to the funeral. Some funeral homes serve catering or consumption facilities in them. The advantage, the family does not need to be busy to get out of the funeral home to find additional energy. Follow the procession from morning to night so you no longer have to worry.

Funeral Home Exterior Design Appearance

As described above, the design of the funeral home is one of the indicators for the family of the deceased to choose. Here are 3 elements of funeral home exterior design.

Parking Locations on the Terrace as Funeral Home Exterior Design

The parking location in front of the funeral home is an important component. Why? Indeed, most large buildings locate parking areas in their basements so they are protected from heat and rain. It will also save land outside the building.

On the other hand, the importance of the parking location on the terrace of the funeral home is helpful for families or ambulances who need quick access in and out of the building. It doesn’t need to be very wide, but enough for a parking location for several cars. Having a parking location in front of this terrace is also a place to place bouquets of flowers from deceased relatives.

You can make the design of the parking lot in front of the funeral home like a mall parking lot facing each other or the car back to back. It aims to save space and be able to park a number of existing cars. Guests and other relatives can park the car in the basement.

Neatly Linen Plants and Trees

In addition to the parking location on the terrace area of ​​the funeral home, it is better if the exterior design of the funeral home uses land to plant plants and trees. You can collaborate with this planting with a parking lot. Planting plants and trees on the sidelines of the car is also not a problem.

The presence of trees and plants reduces the arid atmosphere around the funeral home. Don’t let pollution and arid atmosphere disturb your moment on this one.

Decorative Lighting

Although this funeral home is notorious for being a place of final respect for the dead, don’t let the outside of the funeral home look gloomy. The provision of minimalist pillar lights and yellow or white ceiling lights for the outside of the funeral home looks attractive. At night, this funeral home still looks bright but also aesthetic. It could be that people who do not know will call it like a hotel building. The placement of the lamps can also be varied and choose not all lamps with a large wattage. With this, the cost for the funeral home exterior design lights can be minimal.

It is no longer the time for funeral homes to be made like spooky models. Today’s funeral homes will show comfort and aesthetics like a hotel. Made not scary so that the whole family from children to adults can follow the procession of the corpse from the beginning to the funeral.