Defensible Home Design For All Day Security

The house is indeed the main shelter after your day at work or school. Regardless of the shape of your home, it’s a place for you to keep secrets or important items. Therefore, the house must be a safe place so that you become safe when you place and store things.
Like ancient castles, houses need to be fortresses that no one can penetrate. Of course, a defensible home design is a target today. Many people wonder, how to create a defensible home design for security throughout the day. In addition to valuables, family members are also very important for you to think about their safety.
By having a defensible home design, at least you don’t have to worry about building a house in a remote location. The reason is, many people are tired of living in very crowded and noisy cities. Need a quiet place to unwind all day long.

The First Step of Having a Defebsible Home Design

From the insider’s point of view or the occupants of the house, this is a vital part where the occupants must appear as they are in the eyes of others. Not many people keep secret what he has in the house. This includes groceries, gym equipment, swimming pools, new viral items, etc. Most people always want to appear to be in the eyes of others. However, this is where the feeling of content and the urge of someone comes from to enter your home. This means, whether other people’s intentions are good or bad, your home is more or less threatened.
Remember, sometimes crime happens because there is opportunity. When you let your guard down and give a chance to someone, a neighbor you don’t know very well, a parent, friend of your children, then this is their way to make your home ‘no longer safe’.
Simply put, if you don’t brag about what you have in your home, your home will be one step safer. Because, the information you convey could be a gap for other people to think evil with you.

Create Home Exterior Defense

Before guests enter the house, of course they will pass the front of your house. This front house will be the entrance gate, whether you allow your guests to enter the house or not. Through this, you need to make a defense on the exterior of the house as the best way to keep your house safe from the outside.
The exterior of the house that you can provide for home security is by installing a high fence, shrubs, pond around the house or a new high wall. You can also install a padlock that makes a noisy sound on the fence to detect people who will enter your house. If entering your home requires a difficult effort, then others are less likely to intrude.
On the other hand, you can also install CCTV cameras in the front area. With a CCTV camera, it is hoped that you will know who is passing by in front of your house. Then, a guard dog will be ready to guard your house and bark when a stranger peeks. Lastly, putting up a gang symbol or skull can be a powerful warning to people to stay away.

Have a Covered Area

As a form of your readiness to have a home design that can be maintained, you need to have a closed area. You can place a closed area anywhere, especially in front of the house after the fence before entering the house. This area can be a security post, a garage for you to peek at suspicious activity. You can use boards, bushes or fences to cover yourself while hiding.

Home Interior Defense

Secure Window

The window is the easiest place for bad guys to get in and out of a large house. You need to make sure you have windows that are ready and secure so that they are not easily penetrated by strangers, for example:
1. Always make sure the windows are locked tightly before leaving the house and at night.
2. Attach steel rods to the inside of the window so that no one can enter through the window. These considerations can be a little bother you. However, this will help you when you have a window that is far from the bedroom. It’s unlikely that you’ll wake up at 2am despite the noise.
3. Replace the glass with plexiglass that is not easily broken.

Secure Door

Before the window, actually the door became easy access in and out of the house. You need to make sure who the people who enter your house.
Some ways to keep your house through the door is to install the door frame with steel supports. Then, you need to install a quality latch waiting for the door to access to the outside. Don’t forget lock your door at any time, especially when you are in a house far from the main entrance. Plus, you can try a unique lock shape for the main entrance, so that other people don’t guess easily to break into your house.

Have Defense Items Inside the House

In order to realize a home design that can be defended, you need defense items in the house. All forms of good defense items you have in the house. For example, nails, hammers, sticks and materials from wood, shovels, spray paint, sand bags. Try to spread the presence of these items, both in the bedroom to your hiding place.
If you are an archer, you can also keep your archery indoors for safety. Most importantly, you will use all of these items according to their function at a critical time.

The last step when your house is no longer ‘safe’ is to call the police or pay security to guard the house. However, this is not an efficient way in everyday life. Paying for security also requires a fee that is not cheap. If having a home design that can be maintained makes you and your family safer personally, why not give it a try?