Funeral Home Design Trends As a Service for Family Condolences

Funeral Home Design Trends are getting more advanced day by day. Death is the most unpredictable moment by anyone. When this moment comes, the closest family or relatives are certainly filled with confusion mixed with sadness. Confused about having to finish this moment immediately, but also sad because his arrival was so unexpected.

At this times, the family’s mind is uncertain. Quick decisions are often chosen without much thought. However, I don’t know whether the results are good or something is still missing. Therefore, assistance from the funeral home is needed at times like this, assistance in the process of bathing the corpse, funeral and cremation.

In addition, the funeral home provides a place for family or other relatives to gather for the last time with the deceased or also to place flowers on the board. Obviously, as is known, this funeral home as a place to stop before the body is cremated or buried.

With this funeral home, the family is greatly helped because after the funeral process they can still return to their place of residence comfortably. Because family and relatives will gather at the funeral home. Especially for families who live in housing or a row of houses that have narrow alleys. When you just imagine, it feels like a house or yard is not enough to accommodate the mourners.

The funeral process for one person is certainly different from another because of differences in religion and customs. Apart from the moment of birth, the moment of death should also not be left behind. Various processions are held as a final tribute to the corpse.

Therefore, take a peek at 4 Tips for Choosing Grief for Your Brothers and Families:

Nothing is in vain if you prepare this in advance. Indeed, no one expects the moment of death to come quickly, but on the other hand this information will certainly be useful for your bereaved relatives.

1. Funeral Home With Guidance

In times of mourning, sometimes the family is no longer able to take care of all the needs of the corpse, starting from bathing, putting it in a coffin, shrouding, and burying it. The feeling of deep sadness makes the energy run out. Therefore, a funeral home with guidance is very necessary. Especially if the funeral home has direct guidance from experts in every custom and religion.
This companion also helps families direct the legal documents that need to be taken care of. It also recommends planning a ceremony before the body is buried or cremated. That way, the energy of the family remains safe.

2. Funeral Home Design Trends Complete with Officers Ready

Again, when confusion strikes, sometimes families can’t think clearly about choosing officers to shroud, apply makeup, bathe and guard the bodies. Therefore, it would be better if you immediately look for a funeral home with officers who are ready. Another word is a complete package, where the family just sits down and all the procession goes well by itself.

3. Funeral Home Complete with Catering or Consumption

Catering or consumption is something that the family cannot forget. The reason is, it could be that mourners come together and want to entertain the family of the corpse from morning to evening. With catering or direct consumption from the funeral home, it makes it easier for family or close relatives not to move locations.

4. The location of the funeral home is close to the residence

Actually this is the first tip. Choosing the location of the funeral home close to the house certainly helps the family to be quick and responsive in taking care of the corpse, for example, because it is not far from where they live, the family does not need to bring a lot of clothes because they can go back and forth.

Funeral Home Design Trends Suitable For Today

It’s not the age of funeral homes with scary concepts, especially with dark colors. Today, the concept of a funeral home with a relaxed but still comfortable model needs to be developed. Some funeral home designs need to be innovated to make them more trendy.

Add Lighting to Make the Funeral Home Look Bright

If yesterday the funeral home reflects the atmosphere of emotion, sadness, black and dark. But now the funeral home design trend is changing with a bright atmosphere. Funeral homes need bright lighting so that the atmosphere is no longer tense but to give the best respect one last time to the corpse.

Funeral homes require the addition of bright lights, even floor lamps. In addition, for the color of wall paint or ceramics, you can choose a light color. Lighting or this bright nature helps dilute the mourning atmosphere and has a positive effect on the funeral home environment.

Replace With Curtain

Apart from the lights and wall paint, changing the design of this funeral home can be started by changing the window curtains. Heavy, brown or dark window blinds are no longer in trend. Replace all curtains with white or cream and light colors. By replacing these curtains, it adds to the impression that the funeral home is cleaner and more comfortable. Guests, family and relatives can focus on the event for the corpse.

Children’s Playroom

Giving space for children to play can be an exciting trend. The reason is that the funeral home with a children’s play room design helps the funeral room ordered by the family only contains family and adult relatives so that the atmosphere will be more lively. Parents also don’t bother looking after their children because the children are already playing in their place. The existence of a special room for children to play indicates that the funeral home also prioritizes all family members without exception.

Decorate the Funeral Home With Plants

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, fresh air for health seems to be very important. Well, one way to produce oxygen or fresh air in the room is to plant plants in almost every room.

The existence of this plant is arguably important because it adds freshness and beauty to the room. Reducing tension in the room too, of course.

This funeral home design trend helps readers to get to know funeral homes in today’s era that seem brighter and more comfortable. Compared to before, today’s funeral homes prioritize where the whole family can gather comfortably and not add to the mourning atmosphere with dark colors.