Ceramic Garage Inspiration and Tips

If you have a car, you must have a garage at home. For the business of the car garage itself, it must also be in accordance with its designation. There are various parts in the garage that must be considered. One of them is choosing ceramics for a car garage.

Choosing ceramics used in a car garage should not be arbitrary. Why so? With its use for cars, it must be able to withstand the weight of the vehicle on it. Without further ado, here are tips for choosing ceramic tiles for a car garage.

Ceramic Criteria for Car Garage

There are several criteria that must be owned by the garage floor. The various types of ceramics for carports and garages that are available today are sure to make you confused. To choose materials such as natural stone or floral motifs, as well as the various prices currently available, consider some of the criteria below.

1. Choose Thick Ceramic

The first tip in choosing a car garage ceramic is to have a sufficient thickness. As explained above, ceramics must be able to withstand the weight of the car. This is why you should choose a thick ceramic.

Of course, the thicker the ceramic, the stronger the ceramic. However, this all also depends on the quality of the durability and strength of the materials used. This is why you are advised to choose ceramics with a quality that is trusted.

2. Has a Coarse Texture

In addition to having sufficient thickness, the texture of ceramics should also be rough. Why be rude? The main reason is so that the car tires do not slip while in the process of parking in the garage.

It is undeniable, when the rainy season arrives, the car tires must be wet after use. When you enter the garage to park, but the ceramic you choose is a slippery type, it is certain that the tires will slip easily. The process of parking the car becomes even more difficult. Especially if the corner of the garage is high enough to go up. This is what ultimately makes the car easy to slip.

3. Choose the Right Size

The selection of the size of the car garage ceramics must also be right. Usually the car garage has a width of 2-3 meters. For its own length reaches 5 meters. That way, the recommended size for car garage tiles is 30×30 cm, 40×40 cm, or 50×50 cm.

With this size, it is actually quite sufficient to support the weight of the car when moving on the ceramic garage. In terms of thickness, the size is also quite good. If you use a ceramic size that is too wide, it will crack or break more easily.

4. Choose a Dark Color

There are quite a number of ceramic colors for car garages available in the market today. In addition there are also various motifs. But if you have to choose the most appropriate color, then you should choose dark ceramics.

Dark colors for car garage tiles can cover dirt and stains that easily appear from the tires and other parts. So, the cleanliness of the car garage is more maintained. But don’t let because you use dark ceramics, you rarely even clean the garage. Do regular cleaning so that the garage remains comfortable to use.

Choosing a luxury car garage ceramic must be considered carefully so that it creates a cool impression at home. If you’re still confused, check out some of the inspiration in this article.To create this impression, one of the things that must be considered is choosing floor tiles.

Garage with good ceramics for luxury cars will fascinate anyone, lo If you choose a luxury car garage tile, there are several things that must be considered. Starting from the color, texture, motif, to the design. Come on, look at the various inspirations for the following car garage ceramics. Which one do you choose, huh ?

Luxury Ceramic Garage Inspiration

Masculine Ash Ceramics

Gray luxury car garage tiles are the right choice for a minimalist home. The gray color on the ceramic creates a masculine impression. Choose a ceramic size of 60 × 60 cm if the garage at home is spacious.

For texture, you should choose rough ceramic so that it is not slippery so it is safer and more comfortable. You can take the example of Conor McGregor’s luxury car garage.

Elegant Granite Motif Ceramics

The next luxury car garage ceramic inspiration is the granite motif. Today, there are many of the best ceramic brands that offer these various shades. If you choose a granite motif, choose a simple pattern with bright ceramic colors. Guaranteed, the garage will look more classy.

Black Galaxy Black Ceramic

Ceramic black galaxy motif luxury car garage is another option. The motif is in the form of small white spots.

The black color on the ceramic creates a beautiful impression, In order to make the garage floor look cooler, it is recommended that the size of the ceramic grout is not too wide. However, you can also paint the grout with black so that the garage floor is more perfect.

Ceramic Silver Waves

Ceramic with silver waves motif looks very prominent. The ceramic car garage design is suitable for upscale homes. The pattern is unique like waves or fog with a blend of gray and white colors. Interested in this ceramic? You can look for it online from various ceramic manufacturers.

Simple Black Ceramic

Unlike before, this luxury car garage ceramic looks simple. The black ceramic color with a size that is not large is perfect for a minimalist garage . Make sure that the texture of the ceramic is rough so that it is not slippery, especially if the garage has an outdoor design .

Chess Motif Ceramics

Want to display a unique and aesthetic garage ? There is nothing wrong with considering a chessboard motif car garage ceramic. The combination of black and white makes the garage look unique. In addition, the appearance of the garage also looks minimalist.

Patterned Ceramics

In addition to the chessboard motif, other inspiration is ceramic patterned in the form of checkered lines. However, one thing you need to pay attention to is choosing the right colors and combinations. Choosing the right color, such as a combination of beige, brown, and white creates a sweet impression.

Ceramic Wood Motif

The price of vinyl flooring is quite expensive, which makes some people choose other alternatives. One of them is using wood motif ceramics. Today, many ceramic manufacturers offer wood motifs in various sizes, for example, Torch. Wooden motifs make the appearance of a luxury car garage more aesthetic and visually appealing.