Morning Glory and Sunflowers That Do Not Bloom

After my child’s summer vacation started, I suddenly thought about it and started gardening on the balcony.
For gardening after a long absence, despite the fact that the time is quite late
I was so excited that I started from seeds.

About a week after sowing, the buds came out safely.
The kids were really happy and went out to the balcony every morning to water and
I’ve been observing for a long time,
The summer vacation has ended before the essential flowers bloom.

The morning glory, which is much bigger and better than my height as an adult,
Finally, a bud has been created.
A lot of flowers are already in bloom every day at another house
When will the flowers of my home bloom?

Small types of sunflowers are also growing steadily, but this is still a bud.
On the contrary, the part that becomes a flower is not even made.

In September, when you can feel the signs of autumn, you can enjoy the unseasonable morning glory and sunflowers.
It looks like you will enjoy it.

After all it seems that it was about two months late to grow from seeds.
It’s okay if you can grow up and see the flowers as it is, but if you make a mistake,
I’m worried when I think about it.
Still, it was a good experience, so next year based on this failure,
I want to get it working as soon as spring comes.

I hope the flowers will bloom safely!


This sun-like shape has yellow flower petals. Anyone who sees it must be fascinated by its beauty.

Where sunflowers come from Mexico, Peru, the United States and spread widely throughout the world.

But in the international world, sunflowers are claimed as the official flower of the state of Kansas, United States and made the national flower of Ukraine.

How to grow sunflowers can actually be done in the yard of the house.

How to Plant Sunflowers

Who does not know sunflowers. Surely everyone knows how beautiful this type of flower has. In addition to beauty, it turns out that sunflowers also have many benefits for the body, which are mainly contained in the flower seeds. Sunflowers are classified as annual plants that produce large flowers and are generally yellow. Apart from its appearance, sunflowers are also very easy and fast to grow. What is unique about this plant is that its flower crown blooms following the movement of the sun from east to west, a process known as heliotropism. Found more than 60 varieties of sunflowers around the world with a variety of colors and attractive appearance. Therefore, this time we will discuss how and tips to cultivate sunflowers for more optimal results.

1. Determining the Land

This sunflower plant can grow both in the highlands and lowlands where the ideal altitude is 0-1500 meters above sea level. And the most suitable for planting sunflowers is in mountainous areas because the humidity reaches 80-90%. The first way to cultivate sunflowers is to prepare the land to be a planting medium for growing sunflowers. By loosening the soil and adding manure and leaving it for about 7 days so that it is completely mixed in the soil. then make a hole in the ground with a distance between plants of about 100cm. Also clean weeds or other plants that can interfere with solar plants in order to get maximum results.

2. Sunflower Seeds

Seeds from sunflowers themselves are those obtained from entrepreneurs who cultivate ornamental plants, which are around. By planting sunflower seeds, this is greatly influenced by the quality of the sunflower seeds to be planted. Or if you want to sow sunflower seeds in your own way, you can choose sunflower seeds that are old, and the flower petals have browned. Before planting, do the drying until the seeds become completely dry. After that, spread it on the nursery that has been provided, and watered every day until the shoots appear, this is done in about 10-14 days and the shoots have reached a height of 20cm and are ready to be transferred to the actual planting area that has been provided.

3. How to plant sunflowers

After the seedlings from the nursery reach 15-20cm, the next step is to move the seeds from the nursery to the actual planting area. how to plant it by inserting the seeds into the planting hole, then closing it again using soil and trying to make the plant stand upright so it doesn’t collapse easily when exposed to wind or heavy rain. After that is the care of plants by watering regularly. And do follow-up fertilization to maintain the availability of nutrients for sunflower plants.

The first age of sunflower will produce flowers about 45-60 days from planting and 90-105 days from sowing.

4. Protecting plants with used mineral water bottles

If you have done the two steps above, then you need to control this plant.

If the seeding process is one of the most important stages of how to plant sunflowers, because the purpose of seeding is so that prospective plants are easier to control.

So to protect the plants from being easily damaged and keep them moist from rainwater, try closing them using an old mineral water bottle.

After a few weeks you can remove the bottle of mineral water when the shoots grow.

5. Take care to keep sunflower pests free

Although this plant is relatively free of insects, sunflowers also have the ability to bind to fungus and disease. If you find pests or diseases, immediately spray enough pesticides and plant medicines related to the invading virus.

If possible, install a net to prevent animals from destroying the flowers. In addition, so that sunflowers thrive and are far from pests and diseases, take care. Flush with water about twice a day and give him fertilizer regularly. That’s 5 ways to grow sunflowers that can be practiced at home. Come on, immediately decorate your yard with sunflowers.