Minimalist Garden Ideas on the Balcony

Minimalist Garden Ideas on the Balcony

Gardening activities or gardening have started to become popular again since the pandemic. The reason is, the appearance of a house full of beautiful plants will make the atmosphere of the house fresh and more comfortable to live in.

However, not everyone has a large area to create a garden or garden at home. The solution, you can take advantage of other areas in the house, such as the balcony.

Because it has a limited area, you can create a small garden in a minimalist style on the balcony. How to make a minimalist garden on the balcony is actually quite easy, that is, just put a row of your favorite plants on the balcony and take care as usual.

Well, if you want the appearance of a minimalist garden that is neatly arranged on the balcony, take a look at some examples of balconies below. Besides being full of fresh plants, the arrangement is also comfortable so you can relax while enjoying the beautiful view of the plants on the balcony.

Fresh color contrast
If you like the appearance of a minimalist balcony that is dominated by bright neutral colors, the green color of plants can provide a fresh color contrast on your balcony.

For example, the balcony in the picture above is dominated by pure white and cream on the entire surface of the balcony. To add a soft texture and color, the owner added knick-knacks such as rattan wicker pots, macrame decorations, pillows, and blankets. The plants chosen also look minimalist, fresh, and provide a nice contrast of green on the balcony.

Mini garden with walking path
Want a minimalist balcony appearance, but still unique? Try using grass on the entire surface of the balcony floor as in the picture above.

You can choose to use real or synthetic grass to create a mini garden on the balcony. Then, add a simple walkway and a set of chairs and tables that will emphasize the appearance of a mini garden. Use decorations such as vines on the wall or a row of pots in the corner of the balcony for a fresher garden appearance.

Comfortable to relax
If there is enough space on the balcony, try to combine the lounge and garden so that you can enjoy the rows of fresh plants while relaxing on the balcony.

The balcony above uses wood panels that look warm and natural to hang potted plants into an aesthetic vertical garden. Then, place plant pots along the sides or corners of the balcony so that the garden looks more lush. Don’t forget to add a soft sofa in a color that matches the appearance of the balcony.

Lush plants
You don’t have to use ornamental plants with minimalist shapes to create a garden on the balcony. You can use any plant you like, such as flowering plants, herbaceous plants, even fruiting plants.

The balcony above is used by the owner as a mini gardening area. In addition to standard ornamental plants, the owner has also added a row of fruit and herb pots that can be used for kitchen purposes. Not only arranged in rows, there are also terraced pots that can save space on the balcony.

Homey balcony garden
If you prefer a homey minimalist balcony style, take a look at this balcony garden arrangement.

The balcony above uses a combination of shelves and standard shelves to display ornamental plants on the balcony. The use of terracotta pots also makes the balcony feel warm and comfortable. To complete the appearance of the garden, there is an additional soft sofa and lighting with soft warm lights.

These are easy steps to create a garden on the balcony of the house

Since the pandemic, some people have taken up hobbies. Starting from the cultivation of flora and fauna. One of the things that attracts attention is the hobby of planting and even the hobby is cultivated across generations. There are many benefits to be had when growing plants. From cleaning the air to relieving stress.

However, the challenge is to have space to grow crops. The reason is, the increasingly narrow land makes a person have to rack his brain in order to be able to channel his hobby.

Not only in front of the house, you can use the balcony of the house to be a garden. Well, here’s a garden design that can be made on the roof of the house.


At least, you have 1×2 square meters of land to be used as a garden or more. Then, you’ll need to prepare weather-resistant hardwood with the hope of lasting up to 30 years, a custom made plant box, Japanese ornamental grass, and bamboo and some interesting bonsai plants.

Create a buffer

The first step is to install the deck using a pedestal system, which allows water to drain into the drain. In order for the sewer system to work properly, the deck needs to be given about 3 cm of space on the sides. Connect this drain line with a drainage hole that goes straight down.

Another important thing that must be considered in making a garden on the roof of the house is to attach a layer of cloth at the bottom of the pot. This is done so that when the plants are watered, the soil in the pot does not come out and contaminate the deck and other parts of the house.


After everything is ready, the next process is to give the plants to the pots that are already available. Smooth Japanese grass, as well as bonsai trees that are uniquely shaped are some of the choices of plants that can be used to decorate your roof garden.

When all is done, you need to provide good lighting for the plants, so that they still look beautiful at night. After that, you can enjoy the beauty of the garden without having to mess around with limited land.

To get these materials you can buy them on the best platforms or e-Commerce. Don’t forget to prepare a budget to buy these materials. Come on, let’s get started.