Lenny Kravitz Home Design Like Hidden Heaven

The proverb says “don’t judge a book from its cover”, now that’s the best way to describe the Lenny Kravitz home design. Behind the rickety and uncluttered exterior of the house, there is an amazing interior.

Lenny Kravitz, a musician from the United States is trying to be a home interior design. He bought a two-century old house in the New Orleans area, United States. Having an area of ​​522 m2, he bought this house in 1994.

After buying it, Lenny Kravitz remodeled all the rooms in the house except the front of the house. He let the front view of this house look like an abandoned house. Lenny Kravitz changed this house starting from the walls, tiles, doors, and interior of the house. Some parts are painted, polished and replaced.

Leaving the front of the house looking abandoned was indeed the original design plan of Lenny Kravitz. Having been in the interior design world for a long time, he doesn’t want to lose the impression of the colonial period in his home.

“I designed this house in between making albums and touring. I wanted to polish the interior and furniture. I did this even though I’m not an architect. I’m also not a trained interior designer,” Kravitz told the New York Times.

Getting to Know Lenny Kravitz Home Design

Lenny Kravitz Home Design Open Space Style

Lenny Kravitz designed a house with an open space interior, meaning that there is no partition between one room and another. When you enter the house, you can immediately see almost all the rooms in the house. Even to give a partition to the bedroom, only use curtains.

Floating in Luxurious Facilities

Even though it doesn’t look very comfortable from the outside, the interior of the house is full of luxurious facilities. Starting from the kitchen with granite, the bathroom is equipped with a bath up. On the other hand, the selection of chandeliers or yellow chandeliers adds to the traditional impression of luxury.

A Blend of Vintage and Industrial Design

Representing industrial design, this house uses brick walls. Then, for the vintage style, look at the selection of the house floor from oak wood, shiny motif curtains and iron carving ornaments in the corners of the house.

In the backyard of the house also does not escape the luxury of vintage by choosing chairs and tables that are simple and aesthetic. As a result you will feel relaxed in a remote place in France.

Peek and Copy the Design of Every Room at Lenny Kravitz Home Design

Charming Living Room

When you just enter this house, you can immediately look at a living room with luxurious and spacious furniture. Starting from sofas, tables, to ornaments. Because this house used the open space style, you can immediately peek at the dining room area and the family room simultaneously when in the living room.

From this living room design, you can imitate decorating your home’s living room with some charming knick-knacks. In addition, you can use sofas and tables from fine wood. They are also interesting for you to apply.

The Bedroom That Will Spoil You

The room in Lenny Kravitz’s design house is located on the second floor. Having a touch of dark and elegant colors makes this bedroom even more comfortable for you. Coupled with the open space of the bedroom curtains that are easy to reveal, it also makes the bedroom more luminous.

Imitating the bedroom design of this house, you can apply a mezzanine to create a minimalist bedroom. Choose a dark or light color of your choice. You can also try the existence of curtains that are easy to open, of course with interesting curtain motifs so that you or your children don’t get bored easily in the room. In the morning or evening, remove the bedroom curtains so that the sun can enter and your room is moisture-proof.

Refreshing Lounge

Although wrapped in luxury, this house does not forget how to make the residents of the house fresh every time. The lounge in one corner of the house provides space for you to think and rest for a while. The lounge is full of golden brown and platinum colors. Filled with artistic ornaments, this relaxing space looks magnificent.

Yes, having a lounge is not a bad thing, right? In fact, this room is quite important for you to take a short break. The design of this lounge is as comfortable as you are. Starting from the color of the wall paint, wallpaper to the facilities. Relaxing chairs and tables can be placed easily. In addition, you can place this relaxing room facing a large glass house, making it easier to directly see the scenery.

Unforgettable Classic Bathroom

Bathing activities that can be relaxing for you will be memorable when you have a bathroom like the design of Lenny Kravitz’s house. The bathroom has a classic modern feel and has its own laundry room. The interior of this bathroom uses a white granite patterned material for the floor, table and walls. For more details, you can fill the bathroom with tools and furniture according to the needs of you and your family.

Beautiful Outdoor Room

Outdoor space is a room that should not be forgotten. The outdoor roar of Lenny Kravitz’s house design is not so big, but it looks beautiful and beautiful. You can imitate it by creating a minimalist garden where you can relax with loved ones. Add artificial grass or real grass to be your foothold. Plants, both in pots and those you plant directly, should not be forgotten. Hanging plants can also be an alternative for a minimalist garden. Don’t forget to place tables and chairs for you to relax with your loved ones.

A valuable lesson to be learned from the design of the legendary musician Lenny Kravitz is that it’s okay to look outside but can’t determine how things look inside. Anything on this earth cannot be judged only from one glance. Thanks to the design of Lenny Kravitz’s house, the old house, which is estimated to have been built around 200 years ago, sold for 655,000 dollars.