Simple Rangoli Design in Diwali Complementary House

Diwali event is not complete without the presence of rangoli. In India, rangoli is a folk art design that is on the front floor of the entrance of the house. Knowing simple rangoli design for home can be a good alternative in every Diwali celebration.
People who celebrate Diwali believe that rongali is a decoration to welcome the Goddess of Fortune. As a result they need to decorate the entrance of the goddess. In addition, at Diwali celebrations, rongali can also be a home decoration when entertaining your guests. The striking and charming colors of the rongali are able to captivate anyone who sees it.
Rangoli designs are also diverse. Rangoli is not just made by one person. Because, Diwali is a celebration for all Indians, Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. Where there is Diwali, there is Rangoli.

What is Diwali?

Diwali is a celebration of the Indian people or Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. This celebration is held for five consecutive days. Diwali comes from the word “deep” which means light and avali which means line. However, when the two are combined it means the Festival of Lights. Symbolizing good over evil, this celebration displays light as a symbol of victory.
This celebration is a form of celebration of the day when Rama returned to his kingdom in Ayodhya with his wife, Sita and his brother Laksamana after winning from the demon Ravana in Lanka. In addition, he has been in exile for 14 years.

Getting to Know Rangoli More

Similar to Eid al-Fitr, for Indians, Hindus, Jains and Sikhs Diwali is a celebration where families gather together. Making rangoli is not only made by one person but the whole family. Rangoli is usually made on the second day of the Diwali celebration as it welcomes the arrival of the Goddess of Fortune.
The location for making rangoli is of course on the floor of the entrance of the house. In addition to the Goddess of Fortune, rangoli is a decoration to entertain guests at home.
Rangoli itself is formed from flour, colored sand, dry wheat and others. And, rangoli designs actually have various forms ranging from simple to complex levels.

Simple Rangoli Designs For Your Home :

1. Simple Rangoli Design : Sand Rangoli

Like the usual rangoli, sand rangoli made from sand with colored powder. You need to shape the rangoli according to your creative and what you want. As for color, you don’t have to worry because mixing colors is also better. You can buy colored sand to make simple rangoli designs at the craft shop in the market.

2. Simple Rangoli Design : Chalk Rangoli

The lime rangoli design is called chowk purn. This simple rangoli design is made using wheat flour, vermilion, and turmeric.

3. Simple Rangoli Design : Free Hands Rangoli

Making rangoli is not just one hand. Rangoli designs are usually passed down from generation to generation. The most widely and familiar freehands rangoli designs. According to the variety and pleasure of you and your family, you can customize the color of the freehand rangoli by mutual agreement.
Through this freehand rangoli design, you can more easily express your wishes and beautify your home decoration. Apart from that, this freehands rangoli design is also simpler.

4. Simple Rangoli Design : Flower Petals Rangoli

Variations in the form of rangoli in each house are of course different. From the teachings of previous grandparents, each family has its own characteristics in their rangoli designs.
The flower petal rangoli design is one of the simple and easy designs. Your home with a traditional, contemporary or transitional design is always compatible with a flower petal rangoli design. Don’t worry about the color of the rangoli, it’s not always a monotone flower petals. Just color it with fresh and attractive colors.
Apart from Diwali, this flower petal rongali design can be found at the Onam Pookalam celebration in Kerala.

5. Simple Rangoli Design : Alpana Rangoli

Alpana rangoli designs are made from milling rice. Similar to the freehand rangoli design, this design uses the help of three fingers. This design is most commonly found during Diwali to entertain the arrival of Dewi Laksmi because this design is said to be the most auspicious. uwu

6. Simple Rangoli Design : Rangoli on Water

Rangoli designs on water are latest and modern designs. In making it, you need to mix the ingredients of wax, flowers and diya on water. Of course, your rangoli needs a pretty water-filled container, such as a ceramic or hardwood jar. You can adjust the color of the rangoli according to your taste. Keep in mind if you also have to be careful considering this one rangoli design is not as easy as others.

6. Simple Rangoli Design : Angle Rangoli

As the name implies, this rangoli design is in the corner or only forms one quarter of the circle. The advantage of making a corner rangoli is that it minimizes the use of where you place the rangoli. This rangoli design proves to be suitable in today’s minimalist home.
You can even make this rangoli design not only in front of the entrance of the house, it can be in front of the entrance of the room as well. Give the colors a striking decoration so that your little rangoli looks so charming.

7. Simple Rangoli Design : Simple Peacock Rangoli

Rangoli designs One of the most popular and simple rangoli designs is the Peacock rangoli design due to the luck factor and the bright colors used to make this design. You can make this easy rangoli design at the entrance of the house, giving aesthetic appeal and color to your home décor. Don’t worry if there is damage or mistakes because later your children and grandchildren will continue to make rangoli on every Diwali.

Don’t miss making rangoli designs on Diwali. Various simple rangoli designs are available, it’s just a matter of how you apply your imagination and creativity in the form of rangoli.
If you find it difficult to design a rangoli because you want a very luxurious and good shape, you can hire a rangoli design service. Sounds foreign of course to people other than the people of India because this service is not yet so popular and worldwide.