The Japandi Style Livingroom Style Is Trendy Nowadays

The Japandi style living room is a trend nowadays. Of course, when you hear a Japandi style livingroom, you will immediately imagine sliding doors and sitting on the floor. Indeed, that is the hallmark of Japandi style design.
In addition to the door and lesehan models, the Japandi style of living room describes warm colors. The Japandi style also looks minimalist and functional where this style is suitable for you to apply to a large or small living room.
Besides all that, the Japandi style living room  still maintains the aesthetics so that residents can also feel the warmth and beauty of the room. Then, what are the ideas for decorating a Japanese-style living room?

Here are a variety of Japandi style living room styles that you need to know:

1. Sitting Lesehan Simple

It has become a hallmark of Japandi design, namely sitting on the floor. Sitting cross-legged on the carpet and a table in the middle of the room becomes a living room design that describes the atmosphere in the Doraemon cartoon.
On the other hand, this sitting style model also widens the space so that no matter how wide your living room is, you will still feel wide and comfortable. Unlike the living room, which is filled with a large sofa, it will make the room look cramped.

2. Natural Atmosphere With Various Combinations

The Japandi style living room is identical to the natural atmosphere such as trees, natural stones and plants around it. You can combine these three combinations at once in your living room. Don’t forget to decorate it as neatly as possible so it doesn’t look messy.

3. Japandi Style Industrial Living Room

Industrial style is suitable when combined with Japandi style. The dominant gray atmosphere shows the timeless design of your living room.
To make it look more Japanese style, you can add a small tree to display on the table next to the sofa.

4. Japandi Style Green Atmosphere Living Room

The green color symbolizes freshness and coolness. If you want to bring freshness to your living room, you can choose a Japanese-style green living room style. Like a typical Japanese-style living room, you just need to buy a sofa in green and combine it with a matching table color. For example, the table is brown. To look perfect, you can place green plants on the table next to the sofa.

Following the trend by decorating a Japanese-style living room looks more exciting and fun. Choose the most appropriate Japanese style for your living room. However, don’t forget to always adjust your wishes to the budget you have.