The Hamptons Style Decor You Always Miss

[irp]The Hamptons style decor is always sorely missed. The reason is, this one decoration displays a classic beach picture that makes us always feel like we are on vacation.
The Hamptons refers to an area on Long Island, New York, including Montauk, Southampton and Sag Harbor that until the late 19th century remained isolated agricultural and fishing settlements. This region. consists of houses built with fine materials and quality because of their ability to withstand its rough location
The Hamptons style decoration has its own characteristics and elements so that it displays a classic, luxurious and comfortable home appearance. By having this Hamptons-style decor, homeowners will feel the sensation of a classic beach every day.

Some of the elements and characteristics of the Hamptons Style Decor:

1. Warm natural feel

Combine the color of the walls, floors or furniture in your home with white, blue, light brown or gray. You can also use wood floors to make it look natural. Hamptons home decor usually also presents matching colors in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the terrace. But all the colors have different intensities.

2. Use Smooth Materials For Furniture

As in the original, the Hamptons-style decor features refined materials. You can choose materials for home furnishings from light wood, finely woven linen, wicker furniture and rattan furniture. That way, it will indirectly form an elegant decoration without adding many more ornaments. Considering also this decoration is suitable for all ages.

3. Creating Comfort In Every Room

Hamptons style decor design offers comfort for every occupant. To create comfort itself, you can put large plants in the corner of the room. Not only for decoration, but large plants can also make the room look bigger too. As a result, the room has the impression of luxury. In addition, adding accessories for a large sofa pillow will add an elegant impression.

4. Elegant Outdoor Style

In addition to focus on interior design, don’t miss the exterior design. Hamptons style design is not only found indoors, but also need to beautify the outdoor space. You can plant greenery in front of your house or patio area. In addition, hedges also need to beautify the outdoor space.

So, are you ready for a Hamptons-style décor that will make you feel like you’re always on vacation?