Tips for Choosing Best Bed for Babies

Newborns spend most of their time sleeping. Until the age of one year, babies spend about 13-16 hours per day sleeping. The comfort of a baby’s bed is also something that mothers should not ignore. Because not only for rest, sleep is also an important time for brain growth, immune system, and memory function of the little one.

Best Tips for Choosing a Baby Bed

Currently there are various types of baby beds that you can get. Some parents may be more comfortable if the baby sleeps in the same bed with them. If you want to give flexibility to your little one, the following 10 tips can be followed to choose the best baby bed:

1. Choose the Right Size

Choose a bed size that is appropriate for your little one’s age. It would be even better if the height of the bed could be adjusted to the age of the little one. One of these things can be done by making a custom bed.

2. Safe Materials and Materials

Baby cots should be made of safe and non-toxic materials. Stainless material is better than iron. In addition, the paint of the baby’s crib must also be safe because every day it will be within the reach of the little one.

3. Ensure the Strength

When buying a crib, try pushing and rocking the bed gently to check if the bed is firm and doesn’t roll over easily. Even though they are asleep, your little one is usually still active. Therefore, choosing a bed for a baby must be strong and sturdy.

4. Avoid Openable Barriers

Many cots offer a guardrail model that can be opened or in the form of a pull-out door. To ensure the safety of your little one, avoid choosing such a bed. Choose a crib with all corners covered to prevent your little one from falling.

5. Don’t Choose a Tensile Trellis

Measure the gap in the crib trellis. Avoid a bed with a trellis that is too tenuous, because it will be very dangerous for your little one’s activities. The distance between the trellis should be no more than 6 cm so that the head, hands or body parts of the little one are not pinched.

6. Choose a Barrier Barrier that is High Enough

Choosing the right height of the trellis should also not go unnoticed by Mom and Dad. The top of the bed trellis should be higher, at least 65 cm from the mattress. As the baby gets older, the mattress should be lowered so that it is more difficult for the little one to climb out of the bed.

7. Avoid Using Bumpers

The use of bumpers or protective pads that are attached to the trellis of the crib is actually unnecessary, even should be avoided. This can cause the baby to suffocate. In addition, toddlers who are a bit older can use the protective pads as a foothold to jump out of bed.

8. Check Carefully

Check all parts of the bed carefully. Make sure there are no parts that can cause your little one to bump or get his clothes caught in the bed. Also make sure that there are no loose or easily detached parts, peeling paint, or anything else that would make the baby’s crib unsafe.

9. Pay attention to the quality of the mattress

Choose a mattress that is of good quality, waterproof, and not too soft. A baby bed mattress that is too soft can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In addition, the size of the mattress must really fit the size of the bed so that there are no gaps in each corner. Bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and bolsters should be made of cotton because they can absorb baby’s sweat and will make sleeping more comfortable.

10. Install Protective Mosquito Net

If the bed is confirmed to be comfortable, adding other protection such as mosquito nets is also necessary. The mosquito net used to cover the baby’s bed must be larger and longer than the size of the baby’s bed. Thus, your little one can sleep more soundly because they are protected from mosquito bites.

In addition to choosing the best quality, the location of the baby’s bed should also be a concern for the mother. Make sure your baby’s bed is not next to a window or close to dangerous items.

Ideally, you also choose a bed that is still new so that every part of it is still in good condition and not worn out. The safety of a new baby crib also tends to be more awake than a used one. If you are forced to use a used bed, check all parts carefully to make sure the bed is still safe for your little one to use.

In addition to the bed, several other factors also support your little one to sleep soundly. Make sure your little one is clean, fresh, and not hungry. Also choose baby clothes that are comfortable and made of soft materials.

Finally, the atmosphere of the room and the health of the little one also determines. If your little one has health problems that interfere with his sleep, immediately consult a doctor, okay?