Expert in the Industry Predicts Dogecoin Will Lose All Value

The price comparison website Finder updated its Dogecoin (DOGE) price forecasts on July 27, 2022. The platform describes how professionals gauge future Dogecoin price projections using weekly and quarterly polls.

Experts in the crypto business stated at the panel that now is the moment to sell Dogecoin. The majority of analysts anticipate DOGE will lose value.
The panel consists of university directors, crypto exchange executives, crypto research analysts, and executives from various crypto-related product-producing firms.

The panel was questioned, “Do you believe DOGE’s value will genuinely decrease?” 55% responded affirmatively, 21% felt bitcoin memes will return, and 25% responded negatively.

Regarding when the price of dogecoin will lose all of its value, 3 percent believe it will occur within a year, 12 percent believe it will occur the next year, 9 percent believe it will occur by 2024, and 30 percent believe it will occur around 2025.

Tuesday’s (2/8/2022) Finder report is reported as saying, “We’re a bit removed from the days when many people believed DOGE would reach the moon.”

Dogecoin Price Forecast

While the majority of panelists are pessimistic about dogecoin’s long-term prospects, others remain hopeful. Walker Holmes, co-founder and vice president of Metatope, predicts that the price of Dogecoin might reach $0.40 or around Rp. 5,940 by the end of the year.