5 Types Of Decoration Styles Most Interested

5 Types Of Decoration Styles Most Interested – Now many people are confused types of decorating styles when they want to build their simple house, because of the many types of decorations that poison their minds so they often experience confusion in determining the type of home decoration they want to make. Well, this time we will discuss 8 house concepts that you must know for reference if you want to decorate your home.

5 Types Of Decoration Styles Most Interested

  • Kontemporary Design Types

Contemporary design style itself is a development of the combination of various design streams that present a new visual known as contemporary flow.
Contemporary design style is a new form of modernization that is free from the rules of traditional conventional design styles and is not bound by certain design boundaries. With a very dynamic and free development, it doesn’t mean you can’t recognize contemporary design styles in interiors and architecture. Check out some of the general characteristics and characteristics of contemporary design styles that you need to know below:

  1. Contemporary design usually uses natural materials. Lighter design and design and using natural and original materials as finishing materials for decorations
  2. Usually, contemporary design in every room without boundaries and partitions
  3. Simple but Decorative Line Elements
  • Scandinavian Interior Design Types

Scandinavian interior design is one of the designs that will not go out of style. Because the Scandinavian interior puts forward simple properties that function, make it comfortable and elegant. Property by adopting the Scandinavian model is sure to meet the needs while saving space and costs. No wonder so many people apply the interior when they want to decorate their room. The lighting used in this type of Scandinavian design uses natural lighting for the room on the outside, thus adding warmth to the room.

  • Vintage Design Types

This type of vintage decor generally combines several properties and room decor with a color palette from the previous one. This type of vintage design combines the style of shabby chic, modern in the mid-century. This type of vintage design is usually for people who have a nostalgic and romantic taste who adopts an ancient theme in home decor that gives the impression of a room in the 1940s to 1950s.

  • Minimalis Deisgn Types

Entering the modern and millennial era, many people want a type of decoration that is not adventurous, firm and simple. This decorating taste is usually used by young people who just want to make a simple decoration concept. This type of minimalist decoration usually only prioritizes the function of the building or room that is created. Although simple and simple, this minimalist type of decoration style has its own appeal for young people or certain circles because of its simple, firm, well-ordered form that is aesthetically attractive. The colors used are also usually not flashy and look neutral. Usually the combination of colors used such as white, brown, gray, black and gray makes the impression of a simple but charming type of decoration.

  • Bohemian Design Types

The bohemian design style is synonymous with a nomadic lifestyle that is free or not fixed. The concept is very closely related to the gypsy population in Europe in the 1800s. Finally began to be referred to as bohemian when the gypsies left the city of Bohemia in Central Europe. The character of this bohemian design uses a combination of contrasting colors such as a combination of yellow, green, red and blue which are combined to create a cheerful atmosphere. In terms of property, this bohemian type of design uses properties that have their own artistic value.
Although it seems messy and untidy, this concept is actually in great demand among people who have a high artistic spirit. This bohemian type design also combines vintage concepts such as inserting living plants on the side of the room, installing wall jewelry that gives a thick futuristic impression that gives the impression of high artistic value. The properties commonly used in this type of design are rattan, wood, wicker and a combination of other classic materials.