I Was Addicted To The Balcony Gardening, Read This Before Creating a Garden

Until now, I had little interest in gardening and had no interest in outdoor activities such as playing with the soil.
I didn’t like it, but this summer I tried the vegetable garden for the first time.
That said, I only grow a little on the planter on the balcony.

It was a notch that I got a cherry tomato seedling,
It’s the first time to grow vegetables anyway, and there are many things I don’t understand, such as how to grow and manage them.
I searched on the internet in various ways and was in a state of groping.

Even so, when it first came to fruition, I was really happy and impressed!
Then, look into the balcony every day,
I checked the actual situation and it didn’t turn red yet.
It was at the time of the first harvest that I was more happy than when the fruits first came to fruition.
I ate it with a salad at dinner, but it was really delicious (laughs)
After all, the vegetables that you grow and harvest yourself are different.

Now that the summer vegetable harvest season is over, I’m a little lonely.
I would like to grow vegetables in the balcony garden again next summer!

Before that, I’m lonely because there are no plants on the balcony, so I bought some flower seedlings.
I’m wondering if I should raise it.
I heard that my friend grows herbs such as basil, so
I’m excited just to think that it’s okay.
I can’t believe that I didn’t like tinkering, but I think that way (laughs)

5 Important Things Before Creating a Garden on the Balcony of the House

The garden on the balcony of a minimalist house is indeed beautiful, Mother. Balcony gardens can be made so complicated or simple, it all depends on the mother’s wishes, the important thing is that it is comfortable.

“A garden should be a comfortable space that can be used to reflect your needs and tastes,” says Adam Frost, presenter of BBC TV’s Gardeners’ World and founder of an international garden design consultancy.

A simple balcony garden can be realized by arranging ornamental plants in small to large pots. There are many choices for ornamental plants that are suitable for balcony gardens, Mother.

But it’s very important to pay attention to the temperature, and about how strong the wind is blowing in your balcony area. If it’s too tight, the ornamental plants won’t grow well.

In addition, there are many more things to consider before realizing a minimalist home balcony garden. The following is a series of important things, reported by The Spruce.

1. Pay attention to the temperature

If you want to create a garden on the balcony of a minimalist home, the temperature can be very hot or too cold when it rains. Well, not all ornamental plants can thrive in the sun that is too hot and long.

You should consider this when you plan what to plant in a minimalist home balcony garden. For example, lettuce will not thrive in very hot places. On the other hand, succulent houseplants are a good idea to put in a balcony garden.

2. Watch the Wind

Some plants will curl up and die if exposed to excessive wind. Actually it all depends on how you choose ornamental plants according to your environment.

There is a way to make windbreaks to protect fragile ornamental plants, namely by displaying a larger, wind-resistant houseplant in front of it. Mothers can also put ornamental plants that cannot be exposed to excessive wind in small pots that are protected by the balcony barrier.

Wind dries ornamental plants very quickly, so if your area is windy, compensate by installing a drip irrigation system or watering often. Maybe you can water it several times a day in the morning and evening.

3. Spacious balcony

The area of ​​​​the balcony is also important, take into account. But even though your balcony is narrow, it can still be made into a mini garden area.

To keep your garden beautiful and fit lots of plants, you have to be creative. Mothers can make a vertical garden with special hooks that are already available in online and offline stores.

Then choose ornamental plants that can be planted in small pots. Arrange one by one the ornamental plants in the wall area that has been given a hook.

4. Budget

Although it is possible to spend a lot of money to create a garden on the balcony of a minimalist home, you don’t have to do it. You do need to buy good quality soil and pots, but there are many ways to minimize expenses.

Try to find discounted pots in various stores, Mother. If you want, you can make your own pots from unused items. Almost anything can be turned into a container for ornamental plants, maybe you don’t even need to buy a pot again.

For example, making pots from used bottles and other used household utensils. Cut and decorate the surface, ready to be an ornamental plant pot.

5. Ornamental plant care

All houseplants need care, water, and most need good fertilizer. There are ornamental plants that are easy to care for, depending on the type.

Before actually buying ornamental plants, you should think about whether you have a lot of time to care for them. If not, choose ornamental plants that are easy to care for.

Also, look for one that is more heat and rain resistant, so you don’t have to move plants in and out of the house as often. Good luck,