Make a Small Kitchen Feel More Spacious

The presence of a kitchen set is often an alternative solution for storing equipment in the kitchen. In addition to having a beautiful design, the process of arranging the kitchen becomes easy and organized. However, due to limited space and costs, sometimes someone often discourages from creating the kitchen set of his dreams. In fact, you can still make a neat and unique cooking room even without the help of a kitchen set, you know! Well, let’s look at 8 tips to build a unique kitchen without a kitchen set.

Having a lot of unorganized cooking utensils will make the kitchen look messy and dirty. However, with the right selection and arrangement, you can have a kitchen without a kitchen set that is neat and comfortable. Psstt, in addition to a more unique look, you can also save a lot of expenses too, you know. Let’s look at some of the following inspiration.

Take advantage of empty walls

You can take advantage of the empty wall area by installing vertical wall shelves. This minimalist concept is also quite easy to practice. You just need a simple wooden shelf and sturdy nails. In addition to its unique shape, the price is also relatively cheap. After that, voila! You can organize your cooking ingredients, plates and glasses neatly.

In addition, you can also use hanging shelves to store cooking utensils such as scissors, knives, and so on. The key to this concept is the arrangement that is as neat as possible so that it doesn’t look messy and is easy to reach.

Save space with the L . concept

Building a location in the corner of the room is one trick that can be used to maximize the limited space. You can form a long table composition that is angled (L) by using the shelf under the table as a place to store cooking utensils. In addition, don’t forget to use the illusion of a matching wood color to make it look elegant. With this technique, your room will look clean and tidy.

Take advantage of the multipurpose space

The narrow area is not an obstacle to realizing a beautiful kitchen. You can use the empty space to unite the stove, oven, and even a clothes washing machine. Due to limited space, you can use the concept of wall shelves and multipurpose drawers to store tableware and cooking. Even though the room is small, you can still have an aesthetic and neat kitchen. How? Interested in applying it in your home kitchen?

Metal and wood color gradation design

If you like a simple modern design, then you can use this one concept. Simply by combining metal-colored utensils with natural wood shelves, your kitchen will look unique. To maximize the kitchen area, you can use wall rails to hang all your cooking utensils. In addition, you can use an open-shelf cabinet in the ceiling, wall above or under the table as a place to store dishes and other utensils.

Take advantage of the side of the door

Even though you don’t have a kitchen set, who would have thought you could also use the back of the door as a versatile spice rack. In this way, you can maximize your kitchen table for cooking purposes only.

Organize with multi-purpose drawer

This small kitchen is kept functional with multipurpose storage drawers under the counter. The various sizes of the various drawers make it easier for you to store all your kitchen utensils. Not only that, you can also maximize space by using insulating shelves in each drawer to make it look neater.

Use a Slim Stove or a Portable Stove

Due to the limited area of ​​the kitchen table, as much as possible you use a small stove. Stoves that you can use include a slim stove with two heaters or a portable stove.

Using Electric Cookware

The gas cylinder is a kitchen appliance that is quite large, so it is not suitable for use in a small kitchen. One solution to overcome this is to use electric cooking utensils, such as electric stoves and electric ovens.

Use Maximum lighting

The lack of lighting in the kitchen makes a small kitchen look even more cramped. Therefore, use maximum lighting in the kitchen so that the room looks brighter, wider, and brighter. In addition to using light, you can also store a large window in the kitchen area so that sunlight can enter easily.