Creating a Comfortable Workspace at Home

WFH or working from home is now not a rare thing to do. With the pandemic in 2020, many workers are forced to work from home due to conditions that do not allow it. Are you one of them?

Well, if in the past year you have continued to work at home, it never hurts to consider providing a workspace at home. The reason is, it turns out that there are various benefits of having a workspace at home. Check out the following reviews and find a variety of inspiring designs.

If you are still unsure about having your own workspace at home, some of these benefits can convince you to execute a workspace at home right away. Anything? Here are some supporting reasons:

Provide a limit on working hours
Many workers complain that WFH makes them work more than eight hours, more than they should. By creating a workspace at home, you can leave your laptop, computer and work-related gadgets in the workspace. So, when working hours end you can rest for a while. If necessary, you can have two separate cellphones, one for work and the other for personal matters.

Provides physical comfort
If you already intend to create a workspace at home, then don’t be half-hearted. You can buy various supporting furniture such as comfortable tables and chairs. So, you avoid pain in the back and tension around the shoulders. If possible, you can suggest the office where you work to lend you the chair you usually use in the office.

Keep away from distraction
The distraction of working at home is unavoidable. Moreover, if there are members of your family who also work from home. By having a workspace at home, you will not be disturbed, for example when holding a zoom meeting.

Prevent multitasking
For example, if you work in the kitchen, you may be tempted to work while cooking. You may have often read various studies that multitasking is actually not good for mental health at work and interferes with final results. So, a workspace at home can keep you from multitasking.

Work equipment becomes more organized
By having a workspace at home, your work equipment will not be scattered. So when you need it at work, you can find it right away and don’t waste time looking.

To be more enthusiastic about working from home, we can create an unused space at home into a comfortable workplace.

Comfortable Workspace at Home

1. Define the workspace concept

When you decide to turn an unused room at home into an office or workspace. You have to set creative ideas to make the workspace feel comfortable and provide encouragement for you to get the job done.

For example, if you like the type of room with a monochrome theme. You have started looking for decoration references, paints, and supporting equipment in working with monochrome color concepts.

Surf the internet a lot for inspiration. When you start to get confused, there’s nothing wrong with consulting with an interior expert to get input that supports your wishes in creating a workspace concept in your home.

2. Measure the room

When deciding which room you want to use as a workspace, you need to measure the room and make a scale drawing on a large sheet of paper, paying attention to windows, floors, doors, electrical wires, telephone wires, and lights.

Once you have an accurate plan, you can move on to equipment and furniture that is tailored to your needs. After purchasing all or most of the necessities, install the furniture and equipment as planned.

Indeed this tends to be time-consuming, but by doing it without delay, this work will be done quickly and can be adjusted to your budget. you can start your business as soon as possible right.

3. Take advantage of the large cupboard to store things

File cabinets made of iron are not attractive furniture to be used as equipment in an office space at home. You actually need a home cupboard that sticks to the wall.

Therefore, look for a large wooden cupboard that is useful for holding all files, books, and items related to your work. Keep it as neat as possible and don’t let books and papers fall on the floor.

With a large cupboard, it will make your workspace look more artsy, but you also have to arrange it properly.

4. Choose accessories that are already at home

Remember this is your home, where you are free to appreciate all the ideas that come to mind. To make your work more productive, you can choose accessories that are useful to decorate your work desk and the room makes you feel more at home in completing the work in the room.

But, if you don’t want all the new accessories, you can use things at home, such as beautiful cups for pencil holders, artificial plant pots, baskets re-decorated with pastel brocade fabrics, and some family photo figures that can be used for a variety of purposes. placed on the desk.

Don’t forget to display your little one’s work on the side that you often see. This is quite useful to raise the spirit when you feel stuck on ideas.

5.Use of shelves & storage

So that your time is not wasted looking for work equipment, then buy shelves or storage that can make work equipment more organized. Natural lighting with a view outside Lighting also needs to be considered. If possible, workspaces at home should have natural lighting. This is better than using a lamp that is too bright or dim. In addition, the scene can be an object to rest the eyes with the ’20-20-20′ rule. Every 20 minutes of looking at the screen, shift your gaze to another object for 20 seconds from a distance of 20 feet.

6.Efficiently allocate space

As you already understand, the workspace at home does not have to be large. Basically, you only need one table and chair. However, you have to allocate space efficiently. For example, don’t place unnecessary equipment on your desk because it will create a messy impression and lower your work mood. Just put stationery, phone or cellphone and laptop or computer on your desk.