10 Modern Garage Plans

The following car garage model can be a reference for those of you who are going to renovate the carport. Come on, see the various designs in the following review.

The car garage or carport is one of the most important areas of a residence or house. Especially for those of you who have a two-wheeled vehicle, aka a motorbike, or a four-wheeled car, aka a car.

Now, there are many garage models that you can apply to your home, for example, a closed car garage model. Another option is a modern minimalist garage model or a 2020 or 2021 minimalist garage model, of course it’s still suitable.

Modern Garage Plans Designs Idea

However, many carport models are now available that are not too complicated or modern minimalist and use various materials. In fact, it is not uncommon for someone to choose a minimalist car garage model so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Not only that, now there are lots of houses that use carports without fences, but depending on the housing cluster.

1. Carport of Black Steel

This is an example of a car garage model made of mild steel which is painted in solid black.

In addition to being strong and durable, garages that use mild steel materials are among the most widely used by many people.

2. Using Wood Material

For those of you who like the natural concept, using wood as an open garage like this is the right choice.

An open garage model with an upper bulkhead like this, the car will still be exposed to rain and heat, this needs to be considered.

3. Carport next to the house

One way to maximize the available area is to use the side of the house as a carport.

For those of you who use a car garage next to the house, you can maximize the building up to the front.

4. Garage with Natural Stone

Using natural stone flooring is the right choice. The reason is, natural stone does not make the floor slippery. You can choose the type of natural stone that suits your residential concept, of course, so that it looks the same.

5. 2-storey house carport

For some developers, some of them already provide the same carport in the cluster. So, you’ve got it done for the garage. However, if you want to look different from your neighbors, just renovate, come on.

6. Natural Stone Garage and Green Grass Design

Want to look more natural at home, it looks like the car garage model in the picture above is suitable for your residence. Using wood material for the canopy, it looks very suitable to be combined with natural stone and green grass on the floor.

7. Carport Model with Short Fence

For a dwelling, using a fence or not will depend on the needs of the owner. Canopy posts are made high to get good circulation, and use a short black fence.

8. White Canopy with Minimalist Fence

The concept of a house with exposed bricks like the following makes the front of the house look more aesthetic, especially with the presence of flowers. You can make a canopy for a minimalist car garage, with a minimalist fence too, of course, so that it looks the same.

9. Luxury Home Car Garage

The canopy model is so sturdy with a layer of clear glass at the top, making this carport so charming.

The car garage model separated from the house is suitable for a luxurious and magnificent house with such a large area of ​​land like this.

10. White Garage Minimalist House

This car garage model for one vehicle unit comes with a modern minimalist concept that is so neat and clean. You can use the corner of the room for some small plants in pots, so the carport looks more beautiful. Wow, the recommendations for car garage models are indeed varied. It’s time to renovate this part of the house.