Barn House Interior That Will Surprise You

Rustic home interior design is indeed a dream because of its style which always makes us feel “home” every time from the hustle and bustle of the city. Most of these rustic interior designs use wood materials. However, did you know that there are interior styles other than rustic interiors that are also thick with wood? Yes, it is a barn house interior.

What do you imagine when you hear the interior of a barn house? Is the interior design of the house made of weathered wood that is messy and not at all good? Oh of course not! But in reality, not everyone can believe whether the interior of a warehouse house can look attractive. In fact, in this modern era you can change it in a more contemporary or cleaner form than the traditional version. In fact, the interior of this barn house doesn’t only use wood as its basic material, but also bricks or iron.

Inseparable Barn House Interior Elements

Show Wood Material

High ceilings are an integral feature of barn homes. To make a two-story warehouse house, all you have to do is add a mezzanine. But if you still let the house with one floor, that’s fine too.

With wood material, it helps to liven up a warm atmosphere in the house without having to bother choosing the right paint. After all, basically a barn house is synonymous with straw.

High Ceilings

High ceilings are the hallmark of a barn house. Even though they have high ceilings, most warehouse houses do not have a mezzanine and only allow one floor.

Open Space Mode

Not imitating the open space style, but the open space style has already been used by warehouse houses. Don’t be surprised, here you will find a lot of space when you open the entrance to the house. The living room could have directly penetrated the dining room and kitchen. Even the bathroom can also be seen when you are in the living room.

Natural Color Palette

Almost the same as the interior of a rustic house, the interior of this warehouse house has a natural color palette. Even the walls were made of wood. Besides that, the walls in this house can also use brown ceramic pieces. It can be concluded that the dominant color is brown.

It’s Time to Design Your Old Barn House Interior

Nothing is impossible when you want to try. Even to transform your old barn house into a surprisingly beautiful home interior.

Don’t Seperate the Barn House Interior with Wood Materials

Because the wood material is already attached, so when you design the interior of a barn house, both traditional and modern versions, wood cannot be lost. Even if you add other materials such as iron, aluminum, fur, wood still needs to dominate. The wooden tables and chairs look great. If you are worried that it will look monotonous, you only need to add a colored table mat on top.

Apart from being an inseparable characteristic, wood has advantages over other materials. For example, this wood material is stronger and more durable for buildings and for your furniture.

Warm Living Room Complete with Fireplace

The presence of a fireplace in the living room adds to the warm atmosphere of a house made of wood. Apart from wood, you can mix this fireplace with stone materials that escape from just brown.

Upstairs Bedroom Room

You can apply mezzanine variations here for open bedroom spaces. The idea of an open bedroom upstairs sounds unique because it gives you a private impression. If you plan to make two rooms, limit it with a curtain in the middle. The choice of curtains that are light but not easily see through is a good choice. Then you just have to choose the color that suits you or matches the neutral color.

Simple Kitchen Display of Barn House Interior

The open space model makes your home kitchen immediately visible when you are at the dining table and living room. But there’s nothing wrong if you install a door as a variation so that your kitchen looks private too. The choice of glass doors with wooden edges is also suitable. Next, you just have to complete your kitchen furniture.

Create a Clean Bathroom

Pair natural colors with pure whites. Of course you don’t like being in a dirty room or a dark atmosphere that easily makes it dirty. Therefore, just mix natural colors with white in some of your bathroom furniture. For example, white shower curtain, white bath up, white sink. Let the wooden walls accompany your bath relaxation time.

Don’t Forget the Lounge

For a moment, of course you need to relax before going to work or after work. You can actually do this relaxing activity anywhere, but because you have a warehouse house, just use one of the rooms or corners of your house for a relaxing space.

The lounge doesn’t need to be luxurious, it’s enough to provide lounge chairs and a table for a cup of tea. Paintings can also be placed here to add to your serenity. Try to make this relaxing room or relaxing corner face the window to make it easier for air to circulate in and out. When relaxing, keeping your breath is also necessary, right?

Wooden Sliding Door

The presence of wooden sliding doors is attached to the stables. Therefore there is nothing wrong with you setting it as the door in your home. This sliding door idea will be the center of attention of every guest who enters your barn house.

How? Are you interested in realizing the warehouse interior above? With the variations of the interior of the house above, it is hoped that your warehouse house is not just an ordinary house. For anyone who enters your barn house, they will be surprised to see the neat interior that you have created. Of course, for maximum results it doesn’t only take one or two days, but you need to prepare careful planning and adequate funds.