Charming Minimalist Container House Interior

Everyone has their own dream house shape. Some people are happy with big and luxurious houses. However, some people also crave a minimalist home that is simple and non-complicated. For example, container houses are starting to become the choice of homes for people today. Of course with a clean, simple, unique and still comfortable container house interior.

Before discussing the interior of a container house, first get to know what a container house is
A container house is a dwelling made of materials from containers. Indeed, when seen, the shape is just a box. However, with a touch of high creativity, this container house can have a living room, bedroom, kitchen and other rooms like in a normal house.

Reasons to Choose a Container House

Container houses are an option for many reasons, some choose because the cost of container houses is not more expensive than the usual house construction. The container house you dream of can be built from as low as $2.33, depending on the size of the container you choose. After building, the interior of the container house and its maintenance are also easier than ordinary houses.

In addition, other reasons maybe some people have a desire to be environmentally friendly. The reason is, to make a container house, you don’t always have to buy a new container. Even some of the old containers are also sold. As a result, you also help save waste by buying old containers that will be used as waste.

On the other hand, in terms of construction, the construction of container houses is faster than ordinary houses. Not even a month’s time. You can’t forget its unique shape either.

Minimalist Container House Interior Reference

Having a minimalist interior, this means you can imagine the appearance of a clean inner house, little space but functional furniture. Get ready to think a little hard to create the minimalist container house interior that you desire.

All White or Neutral Container House Interior

White or a neutral color like beige gives a clean impression when you apply it to the interior of a container house. Actually this depends on the number of containers you use as well. Do you use only one container or more than one.

One example of a container house interior that is highly recommended for you is a design owned by the Tiny House Building company in Fredericksburg, VA. The interior of the house they design looks minimalist and luxurious. When you enter the container house, you immediately find two passageways because the entrance is in the middle of the container.

As you walk to the left, you are presented with a U-shaped kitchen area complete with an L-shaped marble table and furniture such as a refrigerator beside it. Beside the refrigerator there are multifunctional storage shelves in the area under the stairs. Under this marble table, you can store various types of cooking utensils and cutlery in shelves.

Turning around from the kitchen room, you will find a minimalist bathroom on the right side of the house entrance. The bathroom is divided into two rooms, namely a shower room with a curtain cover and a closet room with a sink with a curtain cover too. In front of the bathroom there is also a washing machine or laundry room.

For the bedroom, there are two bedrooms above the bathroom and kitchen. Yes, this container house makes use of a mezzanine to save space in the container house. and a wall hanger for where you put the cooking utensils you use most often.

Stopover Model House

Furthermore, there is a stopover model container house. The interior of this one container house is not as busy as the interior above. Because the concept of this container house is only for a shelter, you can only design it like a hotel room with one bedroom.

For the initial interior when you enter the house, you can immediately see the mattress and the comfortable atmosphere of the bedroom. You can install the entrance in the middle or on the edge of the container house. The view of the queen bed will be a charming sight. Complete your bedroom area with some other bedroom furniture and color designs that you like. For example, if you like blue, you can paint the walls of a container house blue.

The bathroom and kitchen are in front of the bedroom. They are one room divided into two parts. Surely you know how the bathroom and kitchen you want. The most important thing is enough and comfortable for you to stay a few weeks.

Container with Wood

There are many interior designs that use wood, such as rustic or vintage interior designs. Not to be outdone, you can also make the interior of a wooden container house. With wood materials as the basis and furniture at home, it will make the appearance of the house neat. You can apply this wood to layers of glass doors, tables, chairs and cupboards.

If someone says that the wood in the house becomes wood, you can choose to make it more comfortable. Just combine a little other materials from metal, glass, iron, aluminum. Don’t forget to add variations of yellow lights so that the interior of your container house looks even warmer.

Another option for the interior of this wooden container house is to bring Japandi impressions into the house. By having the concept of sliding doors in it, sitting on the floor and adding flowers or green plants in a flower vase.

Container houses are indeed the choice of the present. Apart from being affordable, environmentally friendly and not taking long to build, you can move this house anywhere. If you are interested, at least you can start to plan this carefully by choosing the right location and designing the structure of the building. If you find it difficult to design and build it yourself, there are home designers who are experts in their field. Use their services to create the container house interior and exterior that you desire.