Cool Home Interior Door Choices

The door is part of the house. Without doors, all houses seem lacking. Moreover, the door is not only one piece that is needed. Moreover, actually the presence of the door is not just to close the room. For this reason, your home  interior door requires selection and selection to appear optimally.

You can choose with home interior doors in various shapes. From simple to elegant looking. Starting from a slim or wide door and so on. Just adjust your door to the wants and needs of you and your family. Don’t forget to set a budget before you buy a door. Because sometimes not all doors are cheap. Even though it looks trivial, a good door also requires a lot of capital.

Various Kinds of Home Interior Door of Your Choice

Ceiling High Door

As it is known that the size of the door varies. There are doors that are high up to touch the ceiling but there are also doors that don’t touch the ceiling. This depends on your taste. However, you can also try having a door as high as the ceiling if you have a house with a ceiling that is not that high. This appearance can be unique and new

Hidden Home Interior Door

Hidden doors or one with the interior of the house seems unique. Your door will be flush with the wall and match the color of the walls of the room. At first glance, if someone new comes to your house, it could be that he doesn’t understand that your door is like a hidden place.

To present a hidden door at home, you can install a door made of plywood or light wood. In addition, when your wall is plastered with wallpaper, it means that you also cover the door with wallpaper to make it look the same.

Sliding door

Do you know the appearance of Japanese or Japandi model house doors? Japanese house doors use wooden sliding doors. Homes with rustic, vintage interiors are suitable for sliding door models. Usually sliding doors are made of wood and are used for barn doors. But if you update it, you can use iron and still make it a sliding door. The advantage of installing this sliding door is that you can save space because your door doesn’t need to open to the front or back, only to the right or left. This door model is suitable even in minimalist home.

Glass door

Have you ever visited a flower shop? Yes, some florists install glass doors. You can also apply it to the interior doors of your home. This glass door will help your room see the room from the outside. The kitchen area is suitable for you to install glass doors so you can monitor your stove from outside. Plus, the presence of glass doors also helps light enter the room. As a result, light circulation helps your room avoid a damp atmosphere.

In addition, your shoe and bag wardrobe doors are also suitable for using glass doors. You can easily match your shoes if you are confused about looking for them. Especially if you have shoes and bags in large quantities and you organize them in a cupboard with glass doors, you will feel as if you are in a shoe store every day.

Sliding Glass Door

If this one is a combination of glass doors and sliding doors. As before, you can use wood or iron as the main material and add glass in the middle to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Or if you want, you can choose glass material to dominate with wood or iron edges. This door is suitable as access to the home garden or swimming pool. From inside your house you can creep towards the pleasant atmosphere of the swimming pool right? In addition, the light that enters your home also makes the house fresh.

Mirror On The Home Interior Door

One more unique door is the door with a mirror decoration in front of it. This mirrored door is suitable for you to install as a door in your house or room door. This mirror is installed in full to almost the surface of the door. On the other hand, you can also cut the mirror with the lines you want. That way you can all look in the mirror before leaving the room or leaving the house. It is fun, right?

White Door

When you are confused with the various models, even a white door can actually help your home interior. The presence of an ordinary model door with white color is a silent witness when you play the interior of the house. As a result, whatever style your interior will still match this white door.

Folded Door

Folding doors or usually called panel doors are opened by folding. This door requires a wide space, even as wide as your room. The door of this model is made of wood, aluminum or PVC.

Carved Door

When you want to have a home interior design like a craftsman, you must try carved doors. This carved door is made of wood. The presence of this carved door is suitable for a rustic or vintage model house.

How? Are you interested in choosing one of them? No need to be confused in choosing. After knowing the various variations of home interior doors, it’s time for you to choose one for you to apply to your home interior. If you want to mix several door models in one, this is also an interesting idea. For example sliding doors for bedrooms, glass doors for the kitchen area and folding doors for access to the swimming pool. What is certain is that you also need your family’s advice to stay comfortable with this change. In addition, after you buy the door you choose, don’t forget to check the maintenance of these doors to avoid damage. Even better, when you choose a door, you don’t just care about aesthetics, but also function and durability.