Differences Between Modern Home Interior and Traditional

A house that serves as a shelter is no longer just that. Changing times and increasingly diverse needs require a person to have a home that is comfortable and can also be unique and aesthetically pleasing. As a result, some people switch from traditional home interiors to modern home interior or vice versa.

Aesthetics began to become the homeowner’s interest. Moving on from that, home interior decoration options began to emerge. However, broadly speaking, home interiors are divided into two, namely modern home interiors or traditional home interiors. Both are good and can be aesthetic. It’s just how you manage it. Therefore, at least you need knowledge about the differences between modern and traditional home interiors.

Things You Need to Consider Before Changing Home Interior Design

1. Discuss It with Other Family Members

Remodeling or designing the interior of the house means you need to involve all family members in discussing it. Each head of course has different desires, especially the wishes of parents, adults and children.

2. Adjust to The Budget for Modern or Traditional Home Interior

The second thing, after you get permission from each family member. Execute with the budget that you have set. It’s a good idea, you determine the budget before you start arranging the interior of your home. Don’t let you not set a budget at the start because if you are hindered by costs in the middle of the road, then the interior of your home will also be hampered.

The bad thing that you can get if you are hampered by costs in the middle of working on a home interior design, later your house will only be half finished and stalled. Because you yourself do not know when to continue. However, it’s different if you already have a benchmark budget beforehand. It’s even better when you and your designer work out what time the work will be finished.

3. Consult Your Design With Experts

There is nothing wrong with designing the interior of your own home. However, if you find it difficult and want maximum results, there’s nothing wrong with trying to consult the design and workmanship of the experts. That way you don’t have to bother and just choose a design while preparing funds

Today’s Modern Home Interior

You will often find modern homes anywhere. Modern designs were created in the 1920-1950’s. Nowadays, most houses, especially in housing, use modern home interiors. At first glance when you look, modern home interiors choose lighter materials, and sophisticated furnishings. Here are the characteristics of modern home interiors that you need to know.

Modern Home Interior Appearance

Home is indeed the need of everyone as a shelter from bad weather. Over time, the function of the house is not just that, but as a location to explore aesthetics. Almost everyone is competing to make the best possible home interior design. Apart from comfort, aesthetics is also needed in modern home interiors. This aesthetic will appear through the furniture and ornaments supporting the house. As a result, the appearance of a modern home interior looks clean, harmonious, comfortable, sophisticated and sleek.

In addition, several modern houses are now implementing the concept of open space where you can open the living room, dining room and kitchen without a wall partition. Maybe you just need a multifunctional cupboard for a partition that looks aesthetically pleasing than the wall.

Properties and Supporting Materials

Modern home interiors usually look more luxurious and classic. To make it, you need quality supporting materials from the walls to the floor. However, don’t worry because not all the quality ingredients you want are always expensive. Supporting materials for modern home interiors use mostly iron, steel and plastic.

Ornament or Decoration

Some of the supporting ornaments for modern home interior decoration include chandeliers, paintings, mirrors, wall decks, or multifunctional shelves. Minimalist modern homes stick more to multifunctional items because they make the room looser and cleaner.

Modern home interiors use classic colors and tend to be neutral. For example white, beige, or brown. If you can, you go to minimize bold colors so as not to destroy their aesthetic. You can use bold, primary, black colors for the color of your furniture. But still let your wall and floor colors look neutral.

Past Traditional Home Interior

Traditional houses are attached to the furniture, textures and atmosphere of the past where they still use local materials and materials that are easy to find around.

Traditional House Interior Appearance

An ancient house or traditional house looks like a house in general. Indeed, since ancient times the house functioned as it should, namely a place of shelter and shelter from bad weather and danger. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see the appearance of a traditional house prioritizing a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.

Properties and Supporting Materials

Traditional houses take materials from local materials that are durable, easy to find and certainly make you comfortable. If you enter a house with a traditional interior atmosphere, you will find a lot of wood used here. Starting from small materials such as tables to large furniture such as cupboards.

Ornament or Decoration

Traditional home ornaments or decorations look outdated, ancient, such as Roman wall clocks, canopies on sleeping beds or various photo displays in the living room. If you apply it nowadays, mix these ornaments and decorations with fun colors. Bring your pop colors so that your traditional home interior is not boring.

Usually, traditional houses tend to choose brown wood as decoration. Brown, beige, cream colors present a warm old atmosphere. You can also try it nowadays.

Broadly speaking, that’s the difference between modern and traditional home interiors. Actually there are many more differences, but at least when you already know the appearance, supporting materials and what are the ornaments, you can already imagine how to shape the interior of the house according to your wishes. The most important thing is don’t forget about the budget and listen to the wishes of the family before moving on to choosing a home interior.