Virtual Bathroom Makeover Brings Your Dream Bathroom

Redesigning the bathroom can be a good idea for you and your family. The bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that you and your family often visit. Bathing activities can also be your relaxation after a tired day of work. You can choose a virtual bathroom makeover to help you redesign your bathroom.

Especially in this day and age, there are many applications that make it easy for you to make a bathroom design plan. Although later you will need the help of a designer to choose which design is suitable, but beforehand you can determine the bathroom design you want. In addition, you can make sure what equipment you want is in the bathroom. Of course, the need for bathroom equipment in every home is different.

In a virtual bathroom makeover, you can take advantage of the planning, arrangement and interior design features of the bathroom that are comfortable for you. Equipped with measuring the area or length of the room, so you don’t have to bother measuring it. Yes, start designing your bathroom with one click.

For those of you who feel you are still a beginner in terms of organizing in applications, you don’t need to worry. Virtual bathroom makeover friendly for new users. Through this, you will find it easier to arrange the layout of the furniture and furniture in the bathroom, make floor plans to change the shape of the room. All that you can get in 2D or 3D format online.

How Virtual Bathroom Makeover Works

As explained above, this virtual bathroom makeover is friendly to new users. However, if you are not clear, here are the steps for using a virtual bathroom makeover.

Plan a New Space with Virtual Bathroom Makeover

The first step is that you need to select a new space in the application. Draw floor plans and build walls. You can make the room larger or smaller by dragging the line to the position you want.

Next, you need to select the door and window elements for the bathroom that are already available in the application library. Of course, this application will make it easier for you to realize the shape of your dream bathroom.

Arrange the Furniture You Need

The furniture in each bathroom is certainly different. There are some bathrooms that require a bath up, there are also bathrooms that only use a shower. You can choose the variants of mirror, closets, bathroom curtains, hanging drawers in the library. In this section you can simultaneously choose a color that is suitable for each piece of furniture. Do you choose neutral decor, full of black, minimalist decor or so on.

Fill the room with bathroom furniture as you wish and don’t forget to adjust the size as well. Because, at this stage you can start removing, adding, moving furniture with one drag.

See Your Design In Detail

Before moving on to the final step, you need to review your design in detail. It’s about how your furniture looks or whether your bathroom doesn’t look cramped with lots of furniture. Make sure you review them in detail so that nothing is forgotten. Starting from the size, shape, amount of furniture and the color of the bathroom interior. Do not let your color contrast with other colors.

Expecting good design results is certainly not that easy. If when you are in the design process feel tired or stuck with ideas, you better stop for a moment. Watch a movie, go out for a walk or maybe go to the bathroom counter for ideas. Usually when you give a pause, your mind will come up with an extraordinary idea. Well, that’s when you can start designing with a virtual bathroom makeover.

Changing Design Format

The final step, after you have made sure all the designs are safe and tidy, you only need to change the format of your design. The 3D format is recommended because it makes it easier for you to show your design to your designer later. Moreover, with this 3D design, it also makes it easier for you when buying furniture according to the size that you and your designer have agreed on.

The 2D format you used at the start of planning the design. You can see the space properly. See the size even though there is an auto-sizing feature. For the 3D format you use to review the clarity of your bathroom design in more detail.

5 Virtual Bathroom Makeover Applications That Will Help You Realize Your Room

1. Planner 5D

This application, which is available for Android or iPhone smartphones, will make it easier for you to design a bathroom. Don’t worry when you use this application because the Planner 5D application is free. However, if you need a catalog of bathroom design drawings, you need to make a payment. Think of this as a brilliant investment idea for your bathroom.

2. Homestyler Interior Design

Unlike Planner 5D, this one application can only be accessed by iPhone or iPad users by downloading it on the App Store. The main feature of this application makes it easy for you to find bathroom concept ideas as they appear on the Instagram, Houzz or Pinterest applications. No less interesting, this application can display the results of your designs in 3D format. Very helpful isn’t it?

3. Virtual Bathroom Makeover Reece 3D Planner

Well, the Reece 3D Planner application is suitable for you to use on your desktop. At first, you will design the shape of the bathroom in 2D. Later, after going through a perfect 2D view, you will start playing and adding furniture nicely in 3D format.

4. Bathroom Design by Home Stratosphere

Similar to the usual application, you need time to complete the bathroom design in 2D format first. The advantage of this application is that you don’t have to complete your design work in one sitting. Because you can save it and finish it at a later time. Ideas sometimes come when you start to leave your serious job.

5. Room Styler

Room Styler as a virtual bathroom makeover can help you inspire the best designs. With this free feature, you can easily arrange any kind of furniture you want.

It’s time for you to throw away the design from paper and have a quick discussion with your designer in planning the bathroom. You no longer spend hours on consultations. You only need to drag and drop or play your finger on a virtual bathroom makeover, everything you get is easy.