Modern Hobbit Home Design

Do you like The Lords of The Rings or The Hobbit movies? To the extent that you dream of living in that Hobbit house design?
At first glance, living in the Hobbit home design seemed pleasant. Full of simplicity and understated. These two things are suitable to describe the hobbit house.

The hobbit house was originally very simple, only a tiny house. This house is built with plants and soil. Both of these materials are also used to regulate room temperature.

Know the Characteristics of a Hobbit Home Design Before You Build It

Because of its unique shape from the usual house, the hobbit home design, whether large or small has its own characteristics. Its characteristics are:

Located on the Hillside

Called the earth house, the hobbit home design was built from soil and plants. The design of this house is intentionally full of plants and trees at the same time to regulate the temperature of the room. The room in the house will stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Round Window as Hobbit Home Design Characteristics

One of the most visible features of the hobbit house is the round window. When you design a hobbit house, at least you don’t forget at least one large round window.

Has Ventilation In and Out of Light

Because it is made of soil and plants, of course the hobbit house requires sufficient light. Don’t forget home ventilation in your hobbit home design. Looks simple but the existence of this ventilation you really need.

Are You Sure You Live in a Hobbit Home Design?

Digging the slopes seems easy enough in the movie, but in reality it’s not that easy. Hobbit houses in fact require a special structure so as not to collapse easily. In building it, usually requires a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) coated with soil. Here the role of soil is very important because it protects the house from bad weather and from damaging sunlight.

For the process itself, you need to start by building the whole piece or shell first. However, because you made the hobbit house design according to your wishes, you can make it a modern version. Create a hobbit house according to your convenience. For example, you are equipped with water pipes, electrical wiring, heating or cooling

Hobbit Home Design Interior Decoration

Of course, if you really understand the design of a hobbit house, you will understand simple and unpretentious home decor. Almost every item you find is always used frequently. Hobbits are not extravagant. Therefore, hobbit house decoration is full of items that have everyday functions.

Hobbit Home Design Chair

The chair became the first piece of furniture in the hobbit’s house. You can choose the style of the chair according to your wishes. Whether you want an armchair, single chair or sofa in a more modern style. Chairs obviously have enormous benefits in the home. For you to sit or for a foothold when you install the lamp.

Because the design of this hobbit house is natural, there is nothing wrong with choosing natural colors for chair furniture. For example, brown, gray like a new color of nature, red or green like plants.

Cloth or Gordyn

Fabric became one of the important materials for the hobbit house. The benefits are varied. You can also make it as a window curtain. The hobbit house has big windows, doesn’t it? If the original hobbit house only displays plain colors, you can apply a pattern or pattern to your fabric. This is so that your hobbit house curtains don’t look monotonous.

Tableware and Places to Store It

Hobbits cannot be separated from eating activities. Eat, eat and eat. The hobbit house adheres to an open space style where when you open the house you can immediately see the kitchen and dining room. This is also the hallmark of the hobbit house.

You can also imitate it by making the dining room a special area. Decorate your dining room or kitchen with a smooth wooden table and complete the tableware. Of course this will be an interesting sight.

Gardening in the Home Area

Indeed, this hobbit house is made of plants, so make gardening activities your daily routine. You can start by decorating your home with various types of plants. Actually, it’s also enough with a variety of leaves, but equipped with flowers is also better.

Bring Candles or Lights of the Past

Looks like ancient times, the hobbit house appears with its simplicity in terms of lighting. Like a simple house, the hobbit house uses candles as lighting.

For your home, you can choose candles for models only. The rest to be really bright, you can choose a yellow lamp or a contemporary-style yellow chandelier. The presence of these lights adds to the impression of your exploration in the basement.

Display the Bookshelf in Your Hobbit House

Coloring the house with bookshelves is not a bad thing, in fact it will be beautiful. For those of you who like to read, you can add a bookshelf along with your favorite books here. You can also make this hobbit house a quiet place for you to read a book outside.

Because your hobbit house comes with a modern design, there’s nothing wrong with making a bookshelf according to your wishes. You can choose a bookshelf that sticks to the wall to save space too.

Trinkets in the Hobbit House

When it comes to knick-knacks, everyone agrees that it is a semi-mandatory thing for home decoration. In the hobbit’s own house, you can choose a variety of knick-knacks such as twinkling lights.

Don’t worry anymore, even though you don’t live on a hillside, you can still design your hobbit house. You can still make a hobbit house on a flat area with the help of soil and plants of course. You can also use this hobbit house design as a reference as a home decoration in your spacious backyard. That way, you have a secret room outside the house. Your children can also play there without the need to leave the house to the playground.

On the other hand, when you really have the intention of making a hobbit house design you can have two manufacturing options. The first manufacturing option is to make it yourself with your hands. The second option that is definitely promising is to find a home designer to help you build a hobbit house. It should be realized that the design of this hobbit house is not easy. Moreover, sometimes not everyone can make an ordinary house design.