Single Storey Home Designs Perth With Many Advantages

A house is a necessity for every family. A place to shelter the whole family from the heat and rain. Every family always has their dream home. The shadow of a house that is magnificent, charming and has complete facilities. However, the house does not always must to have two or three levels first to become a dream home. For example, single storey home designs Perth which is also a dream form for you.

The choice of living in a single storey or multi-storey house is sometimes a problem in itself in a family. A house with one floor is considered not able to meet the needs of the family because the shape at first glance looks smaller. In fact, building and maintaining a multi-storey house also requires a lot of funds.

No need to worry, a single storey home can still be a place to meet the needs of you and your family. It’s up to you and your family to organize the space in each house and the items in each room.

The majority of homebuyers in Perth prefer single storey home on large blocks of land. This is because the residents of Perth can still fit a single storey home with a good division.

More Confident, Let’s Take a Peek at 6 Advantages of Single Storey Home Designs Perth

Does Not Require a Lot of Energy in Maintenance for Single Storey Home Designs Perth

Just imagine if you have to clean two floors of the house every day. Definitely going to make a half day job myself. It’s different when you only clean and care for a one-story house.
Because it has not so much room, you are easier to take care of. The amount of furniture in the Perth one-story house design is also not so much. But you can use one piece of furniture with many benefits to save space.

Single Storey Home Designs Perth Is More Energy Efficient

In addition to maintenance reasons, when you have a one-story house, it means you are also successful in saving energy. Especially when it’s summer in Perth, of course you need the help of an air conditioner to cool your room. The less room in your house, the need for Air Conditioner is also not much.

On the other hand, you can also save on the need for energy consumption of lamps that are needed for lighting at home. The reason is, at night you use more lights than during the day. You need to turn on almost every house light so that your house looks bright.

Have Ease in Accessibility

By having a single storey house, it means you don’t have stairs in the house. This is helpful for families with pregnant women, toddlers and the elderly. These three groups should have avoided stairs for reasons of safety and physical exhaustion. In addition, a single storey house also makes it easier for you to know what activities other family members are doing. You don’t have to look for other family members to go upstairs

Ease of Room Layout Settings

Because the single storey home designs Perth does not have an upper level, you only need to arrange the layout of the room on one floor. Use an open space style to facilitate the accessibility of your home and display spaciousness. You can unify the living room, dining room and kitchen without a practitioner. To keep it looking contemporary and more spacious, make the ceiling of your house higher than usual. Then, don’t forget to add several windows in each room so that air circulation can be exchanged easily.

Makes It Easy For You To Add Room

In the design of a first-floor house, you can easily add more space compared to a house with a terraced floor. Do you want to add a bathroom or also a workspace. This facility is viewed from the building problem. If it’s a multi-storey house, you need to think about whether the building on the top floor will have an effect or not on the renovation on the lower floor. This will also lead to cost overruns, right?

Affecting Your Budget

At first glance you can already guess if the price of a one-story house is cheaper than a multi-storey house. Whether you are buying a new house or a used house.

Especially for a newly married couple, it would be nice to choose a house like single storey home designs Perth. In the early days of marriage, you and your wife can both begin to adapt to the many needs of the house from a one-story house.

Challenge Your Creativity

A single storey house does not mean only a narrow house. Here, your creativity is challenged to change your house that is not so big but still complete to meet the needs of you and your family. The house should at least have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. These six used to be the core of the room, after this you can vary it.

On the positive side, you can choose multifunctional items or furniture to save land. For example, you can install several cabinets attached to place kitchen items. Then, for the living room area, you need a sofa that has a mattress underneath. As a result, if you or guests want to chat while lying down, you don’t have to bother bringing a mattress from your bedroom.

Single Storey Home Designs Perth

Four Bedroom Classic Contemporary Design

For those of you who have a large family in one house, this house design is suitable for you to apply. Requires an area of ​​266.7 m2, you can create a contemporary Perth single storey home design with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage for two cars. Equipped with an open space style that connects the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Decorate your bathroom with neutral colors and clean lines in two bathrooms. One bathroom in the large bedroom and one outside bathroom for the three small bedrooms.

Hampton Single Storey Home Designs Perth

Who feels the atmosphere of vacation every day in Perth? Yes, the hampton design is indeed suitable for your home. Leave the small bedroom and replace it with a two bedroom suite. Prepare two bathrooms inside and outside. Organize your 268.91 m2 plot of land with an outdoor garage that fits two cars. Paint your home with neutral or navy blue paints. Don’t forget your pantry and kitchen in the back room.

Medieval House Design

Describing the time of war, your home design will be more interesting. In addition to the bedroom, bathroom, pantry, kitchen, dining room and garage, also prepare your personal theater room. As a place for you to explore your skills, you should not forget this section.
Having single storey home designs Perth with many advantages can be a consideration for you and your family in choosing a residence. Do not let you and your family choose the wrong one. Choose a profitable residence first, you can consider furniture and design issues for the next.