Time to Change The Bedroom by Layyering The Bed Like a Designer

The bed is the centerpiece for a bedroom. Sometimes the existence of the bed has more portions than other bedroom furniture. In this section, the style of layyering the bed like a designer is needed. Designers certainly have their own way to change the look of your bed. Surely you would be bored if you have a bed that is just like that, right?

By having a good and unique bed style, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of other furniture. The flaws in almost all the furniture will be covered by your unique bed. You can try lining the bed like a designer with some of the tricks below.

Beforehand, Know What Items You Need For  Layyering The Bed Like a Designer

1. Sheets and Blankets

Remember, these two layers should not be forgotten. Make sure you choose anti-dust sheets and blankets so as not to disturb your comfortable sleep. Mattresses without sheets and blankets may feel itchy when you sleep on them.

The choice of a blanket that is soft and not too thick is a priority. However, if you really like thick blankets because your air conditioner is always cold, that’s okay too.

2. Base for Layyering The Bed Like a Designer

A thin and usually plain layer as a mattress base to keep it neat and comfortable. Usually this base layer is finely textured.

3. Accent Pillow

This item is optional. You can apply or not. It depends on the room design of your choice.

4. Pillowcases and Bolsterscases

This pillow cases and blostercases are also like a base, the difference is that it is used to cover your pillows and bolsters. Both as a complement to your bed.

Tricks to Cover of Layyering The Bed like a Designer

1. Choose the Right Color Scheme For Layyering The Bed Like a Designer

This color selection is the basis when you want to learn how to layer a bed like a designer. Choose solid and neutral colors so that the appearance of your bed does not look busy and remains calm. Leave a patterned bedding on the top of the bed, such as a sheet or blanket.

If you often visit hotel bedrooms, you will see the white color used by hotel designers to cover the bed. Yes, layyering the bed with white can be a reference for you. For starters, avoid bold colors. Once you get used to it, you can easily combine any color later.

2. Choose a Comfortable Bed Layer

Just imagine, you will lay your body on your bed every night. Of course, after working all day you want to have a good quality sleep so that tomorrow you can move well. Therefore you need a comfortable bed.

At first glance, the bottom of the bed, the bed sheet, doesn’t seem that important. Just the bottom base. But in fact, if you choose the wrong bed base, your dream sleep activities will also not come true.

Cover your bed with sheets that have a soft and smooth texture. These two textures help you have a comfortable sleep quality. No one wants to sleep on hot, itchy sheets or bed sheets that are just the right size so they can’t stay in place.

Designers recommend flat sheets and pillowcases with natural fibers that are of high quality. Indeed, natural fibers at first glance sound more expensive. But this material is an investment for your comfortable sleep every day.

3. Set the Blanket Style

Are you a person who usually throws your blanket on the bed carelessly? Or do you like folding it into small folds to make it look neat?

Recommendations for layyering the bed like a designer, again you need to remember how to arrange the blankets in hotel rooms. There are two styles of arranging blankets that you can practice in the bedroom.

The first style, lay your soft blanket to the floor. This appearance displays a glamorous impression in your room. Meanwhile, the second style is that you arrange the blanket so that it falls beyond the bottom of the mattress but does not touch the floor. With this model will show the state of a neat bedroom.

4. Try Giving Accent Pillows

In addition to blankets and sheets, your bed also needs to be equipped with pillows. Most beautiful bedroom views are diminished by the uneven number of accent pillows. Try combining three accent pillows. If necessary, no more than six accent pillows in your room to avoid crowds. This is to create a relaxed atmosphere in the room.

5. Textured Layer Style Lyrics

Once you know the choice of a plain and solid bed layer, you can start moving up to choosing a textured layer. For example, layers of velvet, faux fur or knitwear. These options are also no less good with the style of the pattern or accent.

6. Looking at The Details

When designing, designers make things down to the smallest detail. So, if you want to coat the bed like a designer, you should also imitate it. Don’t let the zipper of your blanket, pillow or bolster appear from the outside, and don’t let your sheets peel off. Details like this seem small but can be an eyesore.

7. Cover The Bed With a Rug

After layyering the top of the bed, don’t forget to coat the bottom of your bedroom bed. The idea of ​​covering the bed with a rug is suitable for those of you who want to feel awake when you are greeted by a carpet underneath. As a result, your feet do not directly touch the cold ceramic.

The idea of ​​lining the bed like a designer is one of the most sought-after solutions for homeowners who are bored with monotonous designs. By layyering the bed like a designer, you can choose how your bed will look. Do you want a bed with a charming style, glamorous, or want to look neat. Most importantly, set your intentions from now on and prepare savings. After everything is in order, consistently keep this design lest you neglect it until it falls apart.