Modern Stucco Home Designs Change Your House Appearance

Stucco is a layer used to coat a building area, it can be on the floor, ceiling or wall. To plaster/stucco your house, you need a mortar made of water, cement and sand. Because it has interesting results, it is not uncommon for many people to choose modern stucco home designs for their home buildings. The choice of modern style because time is growing and modern style is more highlighting things that are unique and simple.

The Benefits of a Field Using Stucco include:

1. The plane structure becomes stronger than the usual structure.

2. The plane of a plane becomes even. However, the level of flatness of the plastering results is divided into three. The first is rough plastering where the results of this plastering are still rough and for application to building work that will be backfilled. The second type is plastered semi-smooth which is used in outdoor flooring work, bathrooms or indoor sports fields. Finally, the type of smooth plaster that is often used on the walls and floors of buildings to make it look neater.

3. Building structures protected from bad weather

Modern Stucco Home Designs Options

Modern Plaster House Designs Floor Parts

The floor is a part that you should not miss in the house. Although the location is below, but the appearance of a charming floor can attract the attention of anyone who passes by. If you want to have a smooth, neat and unique floor surface, the plastered floor design below can be a reference for your home.

1. Pebble Plaster Design for Modern Stucco Home Designs

The first option is a plastered pebble design where your floor will look like it has gravel in it. The results of this pebble are shiny, perfect for those of you who like a neutral style. Gray, a little white and black. You can apply this pebble solution design in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

2. Seamless Plastering Floor Design

Plaster floors do not always have to use patterns. Instead of looking for the best pattern for your plastered floor, what if you choose a smooth plastered floor.

Seamless designs are not always monotonous. For example, you choose a vintage style interior for your home room. You can still choose a light brown smooth floor coupled with a variety of interesting home furniture. Show a pattern on your living room sofa or accent sofa cushions. Patterned tablecloths are also a good idea as modern stucco home design.

3. Plastering Floor Design For Modern Bathroom

Yes, a bathroom with a plastered floor sounds quite unique. How come? This bathroom with conditions that are almost always wet will look so charming with the design plastered on the floor.

Whatever the style of your bathroom, a plastered floor design will suit you. It’s just that, so that the plastered design looks modern, you can choose industrial-type colors, such as gray. After that, don’t forget to decorate your bathroom with some modern furniture, both in terms of color and appearance. Remember, for this modern design you don’t need to put a lot of equipment in your bathroom.

4. Colorful Plaster Floor Design

If you are bored with plain stucco or just playing with patterns, there’s nothing wrong with trying a colorful plastered floor design. Here, the mixing of colors begins, it’s time for you to collaborate and share your ideas.
With a unique look that is shiny and neat, your floor stands out from the rest. When you have a hobby of painting, you can apply this floor design in your painting warehouse.

Modern Stucco Home Designs Parts of the Wall

In addition to the floor, the finishing of the walls can also be plastered. Most walls made of wood choose plaster as a finishing. After that, your wall is ready for you to paint according to the color palette of your choice.

The design of a modern stucco wall house was chosen because it uses inexpensive materials. Wall plastering is done manually, so the results will look neater and you can choose the model according to your choice.

Unfortunately, the plaster of this wall can be damaged if it is hit by a heavy object or when the weather is damp. Therefore, for maximum results you can repeat this plastering at a later date after half a year later. The best time to plaster the walls is in the summer so that the plaster dries easily.

1. White Wall Plaster Design

White is one of the colors of the idol of the neutrals. The reason is, the white color gives a clean, neat appearance and is suitable to be combined with any pattern or color. Therefore, it is not wrong if you choose white paint for your home wall stucco design application.

To be honest, modern stucco house designs are very interesting to apply to walls. The walls that are painted white and smooth make it easier for you to decorate your room with the furniture or furnishings you want. Starting from primary furniture to secondary furniture. Even the results of white wall plastering are suitable if you want to paste family photos or paintings on the walls.

2. White Brick Model Wall Plaster Design

Bricks are an alternative style when you are stuck thinking about what motifs are suitable for your walls because you don’t want to look monotonous. Just a brick style actually looks neat. However, to make it look more modern and attractive again, the white brick wall stucco design recommendation can be your home reference. This type of plaster wall is suitable for you to apply on the exterior walls of the house and the interior walls of the house.

Hopefully, you can understand many things about the stage of finishing the house, namely plastering. You can understand what are the advantages of having a modern stucco house design, both from the walls and floors. In addition, you also know which stucco model you will choose from the three types of stucco finishing. Later, when you are interested in applying it to the building part of your house, you have no doubts. It remains only to choose a pattern from stucco by discussing it with the family and experts.