Home Design Lawn and Party Gazebo

The home page is a family relaxing location that you and your family should not miss. The design of the home page is getting more and more diverse. One of the home page designs that are trending today is the lawn and party gazebo.

When you hear a party gazebo, it doesn’t mean you need a gazebo with a luxurious appearance or accessories. But a gazebo with various shapes for you and your family to hold a party, a birthday party for example.

On the other hand, the lawn is loved by the children. With this, children will be more comfortable playing at home. They can even invite their friends.

You can choose the type of grass first, whether artificial grass or real grass. The synthetic grass used to fill this yard at first glance looks ordinary, but actually has more advantages than ordinary grass. For example, in terms of maintenance, artificial grass is easy for you to clean. Then, in terms of cost is also relatively cheap.

To hold your own party, lawns and gazebos become champion recommendations. The collaboration of these two elements will make your party more lively. Starting from weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, to graduation celebrations.

Various Lawns and Party Gazebos

As a special day offering, don’t let you choose the wrong decoration, especially one that will embarrass you or your family. So, if you really intend to have a party in your yard with a lawn and gazebo design, the design recommendations below will help you.

Choosing the Type of Grass You Will Install on the Yard

This grass element becomes one of the important components, right? Well, therefore don’t let you choose the wrong type of grass. There are various types of grass that you can choose to make the yard feel cooler and more comfortable.

Japanese Grass

Japanese grass is considered suitable for creating lawns and gazebos because of its thin and neat shape. If you choose this grass, you should at least once a month trim the grass that grows longer. The reason is, if you leave it long, the grass area that is not exposed to sunlight will turn yellow and ugly.

Swiss grass

Having smooth characteristics, this type of grass requires extra care than Japanese grass. At least you can continue to monitor the development of this grass and trim it when it is long. Worried, when you do not trim it regularly, there will be unwanted grass types.

Golf Grass

Of course, it is no stranger to the appearance of a charming golf grass. Even though it is placed in the yard, at least you need to make sure that this grass gets full sun. For maintenance, it is almost the same as swiss grass that needs to be monitored, at least once every two weeks you need to trim it. Unfortunately, this neat golf grass doesn’t live everywhere, there are some places where it doesn’t fit well. If that happens, maybe you need to look for other grass alternatives.

Synthetic Grass

An alternative for those of you who don’t want to bother with mowing the grass, monitoring the grass every month, you can choose synthetic grass. Synthetic grass is an ornamental grass made of artificial synthetic materials made similar to real grass. Generally this grass is used for sports activities, such as on a football field.

Even though it’s synthetic grass, it still has a variety. There are Japanese artificial turf, golf artificial turf, and also swiss artificial turf. These three synthetic versions of the grass reference make it easy for you not to have to trim them. You don’t even need to spray water for it.

However, owning artificial grass also has a slight risk, where you will smell the rubber which can be unpleasant. In addition, because it does not produce oxygen, then you need native plants to make your yard fresher.

Types of Party Gazebos

Hexagon Wooden Gazebo for Lawn and Gazebo Party

Wood is a simple material that is suitable to be used to make a gazebo. Wood is known as a durable material. Hexagon wooden gazebos are suitable for you to include in the design elements of lawns and party gazebos. Neutral colors are also suitable if you add decoration knick-knacks.

In party events, such as weddings, you can tie your sacred vows in this gazebo with the priest or penghulu and witnesses. Decorate this wooden gazebo with wooden fences around and color curtains according to the theme of your event. Can you imagine if your outdoor wedding event will be an unforgettable moment.

Gazebo with Sofa

For social gatherings, you don’t need to worry if you have a large lawn. The lawn coupled with a gazebo with a sofa is the most powerful alternative. While partying, several people can sit on the gazebo sofa comfortably. This time don’t forget to cover the sofa with a soft white base and pillows too. Or if you carry a holiday theme, you can pair a pillow with a beach patterned pillowcase.

Gazebo For Barbeque Party

Among young people today, barbeque parties are no stranger. Celebrating something special is usually marked by a barbeque party at night. By the pool with a lawn that has become his trademark.

If you really want to hold a barbeque party more often in the yard, you can install a gazebo for this party in the corner near the garden. When you want to look like a beautiful garden view, choose a gazebo made of wood. But if you want to look more modern, you can use iron along with the roof. Decorating this gazebo with hanging plants will also look more beautiful even if you are holding a party at night.

Yes, the design of the lawn and party gazebo is indeed a solution for you and your family to fill the yard. Don’t let this home page be empty. Without a party, you and your family can use the home page to gather together every Sunday. That way you and your family can save your monthly budget