American Cape Cod House Terrace Design

If you see pictures of children when they were at kindergarten age with instructions for drawing a house, surely they will draw a house with a cape cod house terrace design. The design of the cape cod house terrace itself is one of the architectural styles from America that has many devotees. This design is classified as classic America, where America itself has classic American and modern American home designs. At first, the British colonizers introduced this cape cod house design to the United States in the 17th century.

A cape cod house terrace design at first glance looks simple. But behind it all, there are several elements that characterize the building. Some of these elements include:

  • Place the door in the middle
  • Low spaced ceilings
  • Chimney in the middle of the building
  • There are shutters and roof windows

The cape cod design itself is divided into three, namely half, three-quarter and full cape. The full cape is widely considered ideal in its shape because it is symmetrical and has a large chimney in the middle and is flanked by double windows on each side.

Furthermore, in the 1920’s people began to vary this cape cod terrace with the addition of roof windows. This addition is expected to increase the intensity of lighting that enters the house.

Then, after understanding the cape cod house design, what about the cape cod terrace design itself. Below will be explained some designs of Cape Cod house terraces that can be your reference. Don’t let your Cape Cod terrace be empty.

Before making a cape cod house terrace, it’s a good idea to make sure the elements that need to be present in making the terrace. These elements will determine whether you deserve to have a terrace or not. Without the presence of one element, your terrace will feel less fitting.

Important Elements In Making Cape Cod House Terrace

1. Sufficient Land

Land is the most important element. Without land, of course you can’t make a terrace. Actually, for a cape cod house, you can adjust the land according to your wishes. Is it big or minimalist. Especially when you are remodeling or building a house, providing land for this terrace should not be left behind.

2. Floor Use

Make sure you can imagine the shape of your terrace floor later. Is your terrace including those that can be exposed to rain or must be dry covered with a canopy.

You can also work around the use of dry or wet floors with ceramics. But if you want a direct outdoor terrace, you can make it without ceramics at once.

3. The Existing Furniture on The Terrace of The House

Of course, you can’t leave your terrace empty without anything. Whether it’s just a chair, but the shape, appearance, paint you also need to choose well. Moreover, the presence of furniture is very useful when you relax drinking tea in the morning.

4. Decoration for Cape Cod House Terrace

For decoration, maybe everyone will agree this is an addition or optional. Actually, unique furniture also represents decoration. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to add flower decorations or something else.

Cape Cod Home Terrace Design That Can Be Your Reference:

1. Mini Garden

Even though it looks like an old house, you still have to display a style that is not inferior to modern style. The presence of a mini garden on the terrace of the Cape Cod house is an amazing sight.

For those of you who have a fairly large terrace area, you can plant some colorful plants to elevate the aesthetics of your mini garden. The presence of this mini garden consists of flowers and fresh green grass. If you want to put flowers in large pots, it is also more attractive.

2. Mini Playgrounds

If you have small children at home, there is nothing wrong if you realize the idea of a mini playground on your terrace. Sounds unique because cape cod houses usually seem classic and traditional.

To make it happen, you only leave half of your terrace land. It can be in the left or right corner. Then, don’t forget to put fake green grass so that the kids don’t feel too much pain when they fall. In this green corner you just add a mini seesaw, mini slide, and a unique tent. If it has become like this, guests who bring small children do not worry if their conversation will be disturbed.

3. Terrace With Gazebo To Relax

Furthermore, when discussing furniture, the thing that certainly appears is a place or furniture to sit and relax. Either a chair to sit alone in the afternoon while drinking tea or as a place to chat with your friends. You can choose this seat option for individuals or long chairs at the same time fit some 2-3 people.

If chairs are commonplace, it’s time for you to change to a gazebo. Larger in size and has a lid on it, you can install the gazebo on the outdoor terrace. Even though it’s raining, you don’t have to worry anymore when you still want to chat with friends on the terrace.

4. Plant Decoration

As a plant lover, planting plants on the terrace of the house can be your reference. You can even turn this cape cod house into a unique place than usual. Whether hanging plants or plants placed in pots, all are suitable for placing on the terrace. Moreover, the presence of this plant adds fresh air to your home.

Still in the transition period after the pandemic, you can also plant medicinal plants in front of your house. Aside from being a decoration, this plant is also useful as a place to store medicinal ingredients for you and your family.

As you know, the existence of a terrace is not a priority sometimes. However, neighbors, guests and anyone who passes in front of your house will certainly see the appearance of your terrace first. So, it never hurts to make the terrace as unique and good as possible.